Gift a star as a meaningful Mother’s Day gift

Meaningful Mother's Day gift

Looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day Gift 2022 for the most wonderful women in your life? Show how much you care and thank her for all the things she has done with a specially named star in the night sky. Present the OSR Gift Pack and bring a smile to her face. The most beautiful way to surprise your mom this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers – especially yours! Because there’s no one quite like mom. It’s a time to honor your mom for all the support she’s offered throughout the years. The love a mother provides is endless and unconditional. Mother’s Day 2022 is the perfect time to say thank you to your own mom with a meaningful Mother’s Day gift she’ll adore. Shower her with all the love she deserves!

An out of this world gift

This year, go the extra mile, and present her with a meaningful Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish for years to come. Dedicate a piece of the heavens to her by naming a star in the night sky. Online Star Register allows you to register a personalized star as a unique and everlasting gift for your mother. Present the OSR Gift Pack, which comes with multiple visualization tools, like the OSR Star Finder app and the OSR Starsaver. Now you can let her know you love her to the stars… and all the way back again.

Meaningful Mother's Day gift

Personalize your star gift

Register your personalized star by determining a star name, star color and a constellation. Choose both of your names as the star name, for example Mia & Olivia. When registering a star, you can select one of three star colors: orange, blue and purple. Pick your mom’s favorite color or a color you like. When choosing a constellation you can have her star appear in the constellation Cassiopeia, (the Queen) or Andromeda (the Princess). Of course you can also pick her birthday zodiac sign. Learn more about the 88 constellations and find out which constellations you can see from your location.

An unforgettable day for mom!

Along with other star documents, your mom will receive a personalized star certificate wrapped in a stunning night sky blue envelope with a beautiful Mother’s Day theme paper. Show the star certificate right away and enjoy it at any time of the day. Make this year the best Mother’s Day ever!

Give her a gift she’ll never forget! Naming a star is the most meaningful Mother’s Day gift in the universe. Every time your mom steps outside, she’ll be reminded of the love you share. The most magical way to make the best mom in the world shine!

Name a star for Mother’s Day!