Constellations best seen on Mother’s Day 2020


Ready to give your mom a brilliant Mother’s Day star gift this year, but don’t know which constellation to choose? Why not pick a constellation that you can view together! Learn about the constellations best seen around Mother’s Day 2020 in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Name a star for Mother’s Day

You’ve made up your mind and would love to give your mother a star! OSR allows you to name the star, choose a connected star date, and pick the perfect constellation. There is a choice of no less than 88 constellations. These constellations are divided across the northern and southern celestial dome. When you live above the equator, you’ll best see the constellations present in the northern celestial dome. If you live below the equator, the constellations on the southern celestial dome are best seen. Which constellations are best seen on Mother’s Day 2020 depends on where you are located at that point in time.
How beautiful could it be to gaze at the night sky together and look up at the stars! To make this easy for you, we have listed which constellations are clearly visible on the evening of Mother’s Day 2020 in the northern and southern starry skies.

Northern Hemisphere


Virgo is the Latin name for this constellation that is part of the zodiac. When you see Virgo in the sky, you’ll see the shape of a female person very clearly. Virgo is the only female constellation in the zodiac. Is your mother a strong and grounded woman? Then Virgo is a great choice for you!


The constellation Boötes represents The Herdsman. He is depicted as a man with a club. If you connect the stars you’ll see the anatomy of a person with legs and the club he holds high above his head. Would your mother do anything to protect her flock? Then naming a star in the star sign Boötes will be perfect for her!


The constellation Hydra is shaped like a water snake and is especially recognizable by the head and stars, that are many light years apart, depicting its body. Hydra is the furthest reaching constellation out of the 88 and contains many deep-sky objects. Is your mother a profound woman with a strong character? Then the Hydra constellation is a perfect fit for her!


Southern Hemisphere


The constellation Crux represents the Southern Cross. It is the smallest of the 88 constellations, but nonetheless plays an important role in navigation. Because the southern night sky does not have a bright star like Polaris, you will easily find the true south using the Southern Cross. Is your mother a bright light in your life that you can depend on no matter what? Then opt for Crux!


When connecting all the stars in Centaurus, you’ll see the shape of a man’s arms and the legs of a horse. This constellation represents the strong and immortal Centaur, a figure from Greek and Roman mythology. Do you also think of your mother as a strong woman? Then Centaurus suits her best qualities!


The constellation Carina was once part of the larger constellation Arvo Navis, the ship of the Argonauts, which is now divided into three different constellations. Carina is often described as the keel and represents the middle part or hull of the ship. Does your mother provide stability in your family? Then the constellation Carina highlights her best features!

Best visible constellations on Mother’s Day 2020

Add meaning to your star gift and take your mother on a night out to view your star in the sky. Now you know what constellations are best seen on Mother’s Day 2020 in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Spend a beautiful evening together by looking at the stars outside.

Locate your star quickly with the OSR Star Finder app. Download the app, enter your registration code and point your phone to the sky. With these simple steps, you’re guaranteed to create a Mother’s Day to remember forever.

Name a star this Mother’s Day!