Let Them Be a Star This Holiday Season!

18 Nov 2016

It’s nice to show your employees appreciation for all their hard work and dedication to your business or corporation when the holidays roll around. But with all the work to be done (both professional and personal) who has time to run from shop-to-shop looking for each individual gift item? Well put away those long shopping lists and make your life easier with one click to OSR’s Name a Star Corporation Gift.


Candy and gift cards are soon used up and forgotten about, but with OSR’s Corporate Gift option you can quickly set up an unique and personal gift your employees will always cherish. By designating a star for each individual person they will have an experience that goes far beyond the “normal” holiday goodies. Plus, stars will be there forever, so it’s a beautiful way to eternalize your employee for, not only themselves, but their loved ones, too.

How Does It Work?

You can either uee the individual form for a few employees, or you can use the bulk format that allows you to simply fill in the names of those you want to receive their very own star.  Don’t have time to name each individual’s star? Let your gift recipient choose their own name by giving them a gift card for their own OSR star.

Let Them Be a Star This Holiday Season...

Packed Full of Fun!

Not only is having your very own star a conversation starter, but your recipient can choose the constellation of where they want their star located, give the star a name that is meaningful to them and also the star date. And for you, the thoughtful boss, you can set up the process within minutes. Plus, your lucky gift recipient will get all of packed-full-of-fun benefits with his or her star package;

  • Look up the star in the Online Star Register
  • Find the star with our Star Finder App
  • Create a Star Page that can be customized
  • Receive a personalized, theme-based gift pack

OSR Gift Card - General

If you choose to give the OSR Gift Card, it will come elegantly wrapped with an unique code that will give your recipient the details of this amazing gift.

You have enough to do this holiday season, so why stress out when it comes to rewarding your employees or loyal customers when OSR is just a click away? Get our Corporate Gift Package and let your employees be immortalized in the heavens for all eternity…that is so much better than candy or a fruit basket.