NASA’s Message in a Bottle

03 Aug 2023

NASA is taking you on a big trip that will start as planned in mid-October next year (2024). There are enough places for everyone, you just need to register on time!

We are starting in the fall of next year, get ready in time everyone! This is your chance to go to space, all the way to Jupiter and it’s largest satellite. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for all earthlings. To be fair, you won’t be going up there per se, but your message can!

The journey itself will last almost six years, more precisely it will arrive in Europa at the beginning of April 2030. The great journey then ends, but not the exploration of unknown, unexplored parts of Europa.

It will require at least four years to get to know the terrain in the air, on land and in the water. Plus, it’s free for all of us!

You will find the application form for the great adventure here:

It is necessary to fill out the request form; logically your first and last name, an email address to which the feedback will be sent, then choose the country and postal code of the place where you live.

In a few minutes, a generated response will appear inside your inbox (which must be correct).

The journey has begun! At the time of submitting this text, 388,216 places were filled!

It is an educational project carried out by NASA as part of the Europa Clipper interplanetary research mission, whose task is to explore Jupiter’s large satellite called Europa.

The launch is planned for the end of 2024, arrival in the orbit of Europa in the beginning of 2030, and then there will be at least four years of research with the use of a small spacecraft, quite a novelty in the research of distant worlds.

If you want to see in real time how it was created and how everything is being built on the spacecraft, NASA has also provided a permanent video link in real time.

Here at you can follow the progress of work on the spacecraft LIVE.

If you are curious, don’t be shy to keep track of the progress and you can actually watch these cool people being tormented by all the worries just like us during our daily work.

At the time of writing this article, two engineers could not find any kind of wrench in their tool boxes. Nothing too different from us when we do experiments in the garage or at home, right?

You will find more about this mission here at

Why this craft!? Well, some claim that Europa is the site of potential alien life, so let’s go look for it!