The phenomenal Serbian Pyramid: Rtanj- a place of legends, healing energies and alien phenomena

29 May 2023

OSR blog post

Rising majestically in isolation from the green riches of eastern Serbia, between Boljevac and Sokobanja, the Serbian pyramid- mountain Rtanj, leaves a strong (first and lasting) impression with its mystical beauty.

In it, calmness, grandeur, and symmetry are combined. Undeniably so, it rules the environment.

Beliefs and legends

A large number of mysteries about aliens, a star gate, and even a time capsule are associated with Mount Rtanj. Old scripts mark at is a refuge from the end of the world.

Nonetheless, this natural pyramid in Eastern Serbia, which is believed to be hollow inside, is the center of extraterrestrial life and otherworldly phenomena in the whole world, according to the conclusions of the World Congress of UFOlogists .

In fact, speleologists discovered as many as 17 caves and huge rooms inside the Rtanj mountain. It is undeniable that this mountain captivates!

As such, songs have been sung of it being the house of gods and this magical place has many legends attached to it. Starting from the belief that it hides treasures and the remains of ancient civilizations, to dozens of stories that aliens still enjoy showing up to Rtanj from time to time…

Furthermore, Rtanj is a protected area of exceptional international and national importance of the first category, rich in flora.

Did you know that one of the rarest flowers in the world grows there called Ramonda Serbica?

First described by Josif Pančić, Ramonda has the ability to survive in extreme conditions and revive even after several years. Due to this, the nicknamed phoenix flower became a symbol of Serbian suffering during the First World War.


There is also a mystery that the mountain hides a castle full of gold and diamonds. Stay tuned for that story in one of our upcoming blogs!

Energy and the Vrelo Sanctuary

Historically and scientifically, pyramids should have all their accumulated energy piled up at the top. But Rtanj sends its strongest waves at the base, which is just one of the peculiarities. It is believed that it absorbs energy with its tip as far as its shadow reaches, and that energy radiates from the mountain and is absorbed by those who need it.

Having this in mind, it’s worth knowing that Rtanj is considered a place rich in energy fields that offer vital healing spots. It is believed that the strangest place is the Vrelo Sanctuary. Strangely enough, it is a complex of three energies.

According to the recommendation, you should spend two or three days there for twenty minutes each. Behind this claim are the researches of the late academician and engineer Jovan Davidović, who found and marked this place.

Note: The complete absence of technology is also recommended.

The study of this sanctuary was carried out several times by scientists from the country and abroad, who confirmed that it radiates orgone, electro-magnetic and ozone energy, which when combined in such a quantity have a healing effect on the human body, replacing, as the academic Jovan Davidović said, an eighteen-day stay in spas!

There are records that below Rtnj there was a hospital where Roman legionnaires were treated, and legends say that wounds healed three times faster there.

It is also believed that the pyramid absorbs negative energy from the environment, and its slope is identical to that of the pyramid dedicated to the Moon in Mexico, as well as the angles that match those of Cheops’ pyramid.

Geological info

On the south side, the falls are gentle, while the north is cut off by a sharp ridge, which is why it is reserved only for experienced climbers!

In the foothills, there are mainly sandstones and rocks, even glaciers, and in the higher parts limestone can be found as well.

Mountaineering associations often organize climbs, and it is necessary to set aside a few hours for it. A truly special experience is a night hike. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

In the upcoming blogs we’ll talk more about the legend of hidden wealth, the Minh family and the exact spot where Tesla set camp to do his unthinkable experiments!

Until then – stay curious fellow thinkers!