Taurus Traits: Activities, Best Zodiac Match & Motto

taurus traits

Born between April 20 and May 20? Then your zodiac sign is Taurus! The motto of a Taurus is: “I believe actions, not just words”. Are you curious what this means for you? We’re gonna tell you about all the Taurus traits, fun activities, best match and life motto in this blog, so read on!

Character traits

The character traits which suit you best are: generous, loyal, patient and persistent.


One of Taurus traits is being generous. When a friend is in financial distress, you will be the first to help. You have a big heart and will always make sure your friends won’t lack anything. If a family member moves out, for example, you’ll come right along carrying a beautiful framed certificate to brighten up their interior.


Loyal is a word that defines you, according to the people around. A Taurus is loyal to others, at work and in their personal life as well. You’re great at keeping promises. That’s why employers love to work with you, they know they can count on you. You’re very trustworthy, which is what your friends really appreciate about you. They can tell you all their secrets, because you’ll keep it forever.


Don’t worry! Which is what goes through your head any time a friend lacks patience in busy situations. You have a natural calmness, which helps you in many situations. People with the zodiac sign Taurus don’t allow themselves to be pressured easily. They believe you can better take time for the things you do, than to rush it.


Taurus is a real go-getter. When others say you can’t do something, the harder you try to make it work. You won’t stop until you reach your goal, which means you won’t stop reading this blog until you know all about Taurus traits, fun activities, best match and life motto :)

Taurus traits

Fun activities

Where does a Taurus prefer to be? Surrounded by nature! The natural calmness within you, is something you look for externally. People with the zodiac sign Taurus enjoy gardening and will find peace by doing this. Even your neighbors will be jealous of your garden that always looks charming. Listening to calm music is something you love to do when planting new flowers. This allows you to immerse in your own world for a while and let your creativity run wild. When a Taurus wants complete silence, they go fishing all by themselves to unwind.

Best match

A soulmate that reflects you will let you discover things about yourself. A Taurus can find this in the zodiac signs Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. People with these zodiac signs support you at the right moments. You sense each other without words, and know exactly what the other person needs. This all happens in a natural way, so you can both experience peace in your relationship.


The motto of a Taurus is: “I believe actions, not just words”. A lot can be said, but you won’t believe it until you see it happen. When you tell a Taurus you are going to go grocery shopping, then he expects you to do it.

Taurus are generous and loyal people who can be very patient, but also persistent. You love being in nature and get energy from pursuing your hobbies. In the zodiac signs Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces you will find a soulmate.

Your persistence has allowed you to take the time to read this blog all the way through. Now you know all about the Taurus traits, fun activities, best match and life motto. Want to explore more about this zodiac sign? Download the free OSR Star Finder App and learn everything about your zodiac sign with OSR!

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