6 fotos incríveis tiradas do espaço sideral!

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Hoje em dia é possível ver muita coisa a partir do espaço sideral. A verdade é que, com a tecnologia que temos atualmente, é simples tirar uma foto de fora do planeta. E existem diversas coisas fantásticas que podem ser vistas de um ponto de vista bem diferenciado quando observadas de fora da atmosfera da Terra.

The Eye of Africa: a wonder of Earth

The first incredible thing that satellites and astronauts saw from outside outer space is what they called the Eye of Africa. Dutch astronaut André Kuiper took an incredible photo of the Richat structure, which is known as the Eye of Africa, or the Eye of the Sahara.

This photo was taken when he was aboard the International Space Station. The structure is in Mauritania, a country on the African continent. This formation is more than 50 kilometers in diameter and can only be seen from outer space.


The veins of the Earth: the Amazon River

The next thing to be photographed from a privileged angle was our beloved Amazon River. André Kuiper himself took this photo of part of northwestern Brazil. The Amazon River appears brownish in color, and it is possible to see how the river joins the Atlantic Ocean.


Seaweed to give and sell

Another incredible photo taken of the Brazilian coast was taken in Rio de Janeiro. This photo shows an incredible black spot in the ocean, which is actually a gigantic clump of algae. Generally in the summer, algae proliferates a lot on Rio’s beaches and, specifically, this year they created a patch that extended for almost 800 kilometers.


Tornadoes and volcanoes: Earth’s fury

From outer space it is much easier to get a sense of the size of a tornado. Satellites like NASA’s Aqua MODIS always capture stunning images. One of them was the gigantic tornado that hit Oklahoma City, which is in the south-central United States. The hurricane looks like just a big white cloud, but it had a devastating effect on the region.


Another incredible image was taken at the moment a volcano erupted. Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano erupted and the moment was recorded by satellites. The volcano is huge, and its activity lasted for weeks on end.


The Amazon basin

If there is something that Brazil can be proud of, it is its natural beauty. And from outer space, everything becomes even more beautiful and incredible, as is the case in the Amazon basin.

Anyone looking at it for the first time may not be able to identify it as the basin, as it looks more like a tangle of veins, but this photo was taken from outer space, and clearly shows how intricate this wild and well-preserved part of our country is. You could even say that these are the veins and arteries of our planet Earth !


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