Remembering NASA Challenger

- 29 January 2021

Thirty-five years ago today, NASA’s Challenger Space Shuttle exploded after launch killing seven crew members. Read on to learn more about Challenger and the lessons learned from the tragedy.

Fire Safety in Space

- 24 January 2021

Fire Safety

An unexpected fire can have devastating consequences. What would happen if a fire broke out on the International Space Station? Read on to learn more about NASA’s special fire safety program.

DuAxle Rover Improves Exploration

- 16 January 2021


In the fall of 2020, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California took out a new rover for a field test. Read on to learn more about what the rover can do and how NASA plans to use it in future space exploration.

Lonar Lake and It’s Ancient Origins

- 10 January 2021

Lonar Lake

Researchers have long studied the origins of Lonar Lake. For decades they believed it was the ancient remains of a volcano. However, new research has led them to believe it formed from something else entirely. Read on to learn more about this unique lake.

Mars Sample Return Mission

- 2 January 2021

Mars Sample Return

In February of this year, NASA’s Perseverance rover will land on Mars and start collecting samples looking for signs of life among other things. To bring these samples back to Earth will take a very specific type of mission. The European Space Agency has contracted with AIRBUS to perform this task. Read on to learn more about the mission and when the samples will make a return trip to Earth.