Shift Stack Research Technique

- 29 November 2020

shift stack

Over the last several years astronomers have applied the shift-stack technique to search for unseen objects in the night sky. Read on to learn about this technique and how it is being applied to look for planet nine.

The Royal Astronomical Society

- 7 November 2020

The Royal Astronomical Society was started by 14 men back in the early 19th century to promote the study of space. Read on to learn more about the society and the role it performs today in the scientific community.

Westall UFO Incident of 1966

- 18 October 2020

Westall UFO

In 1966 a strange UFO encounter was witnessed by hundreds of people in Melbourne, Australia. What did they see and why were they forced to keep quiet about it? Read on to learn more about this startling event.