Constellation Gifts

25 Nov 2022

Constellation Gifts

Constellations are some of the most recognisable features of the night sky. They’ve inspired our imagination for thousands of years and continue to be sentimentally important to stargazers around the world. In this blog, we’ll look at the best constellation gifts available to buy right now.

Since we started to gaze at the night sky, we’ve been trying to find familiar shapes and characters among the stars. These familiar shapes are what we call constellations, and they have changed the way that we look at the world. Historically, the constellations had practical uses, including navigation and agriculture. And while they still have their benefits, today, we primarily appreciate them for their beauty. So, whether you are buying a present for a seasoned astronomer or a complete beginner, here are some of our favourite constellation gifts.

Celestial Globe

As opposed to the famous terrestrial globe, a celestial globe captures the apparent position of the stars in our night sky. They offer the perfect way to improve your knowledge of the appearance and positioning of the constellations. And with globes available in styles ranging from vintage to elegant modern versions, there’s sure to be a celestial globe available to match any interior design.

Personalised Star Map

With a personalised star map, you can capture the night sky on any important date. Whether you want to commemorate an anniversary, birthday or any other memorable date, you’ll always be able to remember exactly how the stars looked on your special day.

OSR Super Star Gift

The OSR Super Gift offers the perfect mix of sentimentality, personalisation, and fascinating facts. Along with naming a star in your desired constellation, you’ll also receive a selection of fantastic gifts, including a telescope, a star globe, and a detailed poster of the night sky and constellations.

The Super Star Gift is a luxury gift for stargazers


Whether you’re in the market for earrings, pendants, bracelets, or belt buckles, thousands of constellation-themed jewellery gifts are available. You could purchase a piece of jewellery based on your gift receiver’s favourite constellation or instead opt for something featuring the astrological constellation they were born in.

Star Stickers

A fantastic range of glow-in-the-dark stickers are available to help bring the beauty of the cosmos indoors. If you’re buying for a young budding astronomer, what better way to inspire their imagination than by recreating the constellations on their bedroom ceiling so they can sleep under the stars every night?


Thanks to the increasing popularity of marketplace sites like Etsy, there has never been a wider choice of unique, customisable, and detailed artwork designs available at your fingertips. Popular options include favourite constellations, star maps or vintage art designs inspired by the cosmos. You can order a personalised piece of art to suit any budget with just a few clicks.

Vintage artowrk, an excellent choice when shopping for constellation gifts

Our Top Constellation Gifts Pick

If you have a special astronomer in your life, then any of these constellation gifts is sure to be a popular choice this holiday season. But for a luxurious gift that offers interesting astronomical information with a touch of heart-warming sentimentality, then our top choice is the fabulous OSR Super Star Gift.

OSR Super Star Gift