Unique Christmas Gifts 2023 – Name a star?

Holiday season 2023 is about to start and you know what that means spending time with your loved ones and exchanging presents. But what gift will you be giving and are the Christmas presents unique enough? Look no further, because we’ve got you the most magical and unique gift for the most magical time of the year: Name a star for Christmas! 

Celebrate Christmas 2023

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Christmas is almost upon us! All over the world everyone celebrates Christmas in a different but also similar way. Today the most common way is to exchange gifts and cards with your loved ones, eating Christmas dinner, Singing Christmas carols. The most important one is spending time with friends and family. 

As we approach the holiday season of 2023, we would like to inspire you to break away from traditional gift-giving like giving that same pair of socks or giving another ugly Christmas sweater. We want to inspire you to embrace the magic of unique gifts. This Christmas, consider a thoughtful present that goes beyond the ordinary, something special and personalized.

Finding unique Christmas gifts

Every year there always is that one gift that stands out, that one special Christmas gift you tell everybody about. But the question remains: how can you possibly find such a unique and special Christmas gift for someone? You need to look for a gift they haven’t seen before and where your loved one could feel an emotional connection towards. The gift has to be something magical, something out of this world. We present the most unique Christmas gift in the universe: Naming a star! 

Choosing a specific star, adding a special date to be registered, selecting the constellation and even the color of the star. All these elements contribute to making this gift the most unique Christmas gift in the entirety of the universe. 

Unique personalized Christmas gifts

Finding a special gift for someone is great, but if you can make it unique and personalized it makes the gift even better. Unique personalized Christmas gifts add an extra layer of thoughtfulness and meaning to the joyous occasion. We offer a personalized Christmas gift. We make it possible for you to choose a star and give it a special, meaningful name. As part of this unique experience, you can write a personalized message that will be presented with our star certificate. This personalized touch reflects the effort and consideration you put into the gift.

Unique christmas message

Unique Christmas gifts for him

As we eagerly approach Christmas 2023, consider elevating the spirit of giving with a magical touch. Imagine the joy on his face as he unwraps a unique Christmas gift, a star named exclusively after him. Naming a star as a unique Christmas gift for him goes beyond the ordinary. He will not only be receiving an exclusive certificate of his very own star. But he will also gain the experience to look at his star with our VR set and the Fly me to the stars VR app which comes in the Super Starr Gift. This will allow him to virtually explore and connect with his personalized star in a truly special way.

Unique Christmas gifts for her

Why is naming a star the perfect unique Christmas gift for her? Giving her a star will make her feel special because stars are something truly magical and to have one named after you makes it even better. Not only will she be receiving a certificate for her very own star named after her. You can take her outside and try to find her own star using our star chart. This will make it a very special moment for her. Everytime when she looks at the stars it will remind her of this magical gift she received.

Personalized Christmas gift

Unique Christmas gifts for family

Naming a star is one of the most unique Christmas gifts to give your family. What is more special than looking at a star or even a unique customized constellation named after a beloved family member or the entire family? We make it possible for you to name additional stars within the same constellation, allowing you the chance to dedicate a star to each member of your family within a specific star grouping. This shared gift adds a touch of magic and that makes giving a star a very unique Christmas present for your family.

Unique Christmas gifts for kids

Shopping for kids can be very hard especially when you are looking for something unique, but what if we have that one special gift your kid wants to tell everyone about? We make it possible to name a star. How magical is it to be a kid and have a star named after you. With our Super Star Gift you will also receive a Sparkling Starglobe and a Super Star Poster with the location of his or her very own star. With these magical extras you can transform his or her room into a very special place.

How to buy a star for Christmas 2023?

We make it very easy for you to name a star in just a few different steps.
In a few simple steps, we’ve streamlined the process for you to name a star. Begin with selecting the color and constellation, followed by specifying the occasion, name, and date for your chosen star. Once that’s done, proceed to step two, where you can pick the gift theme and write a personalized message for your loved one. When you have completed these steps you can present this unique Christmas gift and enjoy the experience of observing the star through one of our many magical ways.

Name a star for Christmas