Cute Mother’s Day poems and rhymes; suitable for all ages

17 Mar 2021

moederdag gedichten

Every mother deserves a special gift on Mother’s Day. What could be better than a self-recited poem? Read our tips for Mother’s Day poems and rhymes. Suitable for children of all ages.

Mother’s Day poems and rhymes come in all shapes and sizes, just like moms and their kids. What all mothers have in common is that on Mother’s Day they should be spoiled with beautiful gifts that come straight from the heart. And what could be more heartwarming than a child who reads a poem to their mother?

For the toddlers and children at nursery age we have listed poems that are fun to recite on behalf of your child. For the children in primary school we have created poems which are easy to read. Also the teenagers and adults have their own category of poems that would suit them best.

Mother’s Day poems for the little ones

Of course, the little ones cannot write or read a poem themselves. That is why we have put together a number of beautiful and sweet poems that are fun to read on behalf of your child.

Mommy, I love you
For all that you do.
I’ll kiss you and hug you
’Cause you love me, too.

The sweetest mother
That is you
Especially for you
I will show you that I love you too
A beautiful gift, a big smile
Makes this Mother’s Day worthwhile

Mom’s smiles can brighten any moment,
Mom’s hugs put joy in all our days,
Mom’s love will stay with us forever
and touch our lives in precious ways.

Mommy, Mommy
Come here and see
On this note I have written
a sweet little message for thee

My mother makes me happy
My mother knows how to shine
My mother is also very sweet
And absolutely mine!

Good morning my beautiful mother
You are big and I am small
but what I think is really fantastic
Is that today I will be standing tall!
For my dearest mother
I got the best present of them all

Here’s wishing you a Mother’s Day
That’s filled with every pleasure,
And a future that’s as happy
As the memories you treasure!

Mother’s Day rhymes and poems for elementary school children

The following Mother’s Day poems and rhymes are suitable for children who are just learning to read. These poems are great to use in a combination with some Mother Day’s crafts!

A mother, you cannot choose,
but if that were the case
Then I would definitely choose you!

You mean a lot to me
And that’s why I’m glad to be
Glad to be around you everyday
And never experiencing a cloudy day.

How I like spending time with you
You make me smile,
You make me feel special,
You make my dreams come true
With you, everyday is worthwhile,
And I want to thank you for that with a smile.

Oh how lucky I am with you
After all that we’ve been through
You’re a mama so nice an sweet
You make me feel complete

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This poem is for you
You are the best mom there is
And the best mom that there will ever be
There is no other sweeter than you
And nor will there ever be

A beautiful flower
Just for you
For you, because I love you
Put it at the windowsill and let it shine
So everyone will know
that my mother is divine

moederdag gedichten

Mother’s Day poems for older children and young adults

Have you already outgrown some parts of Mother’s Day, but still want to send a special message to your mother? Then the following poems and rhymes are well suited for you!

There is no blessing
Quite so dear
As a mom like you
To love every year.

A mother does things with love, laughter and care
My mother is always there.
There when I need her the most,
So today I’m making a Mother’s Day toast

I love you the most!

Mothers are adored in the first years
All they hear are happy cheers
After a while, they believe some of the love disappears
But Mother, this is simply not true
I wish everyone a mother like you!

Sending this, Mom,
Especially to say
Wishing you a happy
And wonderful day…
And to tell you this day
Will always be one
For remembering the many
Sweet things you have done!

Sometimes we get in each other’s way
And other times we just do not know what to say
But even after such a day,
I come to the conclusion today that I love you just for who you are,
because I only have one mother and she’s a star!

Sometimes we get in each other’s way
And other times we just don’t know what to say
But I’ve come to the conclusion today
Whether you’re close or far away
I will always show my love is true
because I only have one mother and that is you

Dear mama,
When I was younger we used to struggle
but that had to do with my age.
Know I’ve always loved you
and that I can trust you in every way.
You are my only mother and the sweetest on earth.
Our love started the moment you gave birth.

Mother’s Day, we celebrate it today
A beautiful present for you is underway
Put it on display, and make it shine
Today I’m working on the Mother’s Day rhyme
A rhyme simply to say,
That I wish you a lovely Mother’s Day!

Get inspired

With our poems and verses you can start your perfect Mother’s Day poem. As a partner, have you already put your creativity into the gift but are coming up short on the poem of your child? Even then you can find inspiration here. We hope this collection gives you the perfect poem for your partner or mother.

Do you have a nice poem in mind, but no card or gift yet?

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