The Countdown to Christmas Begins

Christmas Countdown Widget

As the colder weather approaches, the department stores are busy reminding us that Christmas is coming. Their shelves are full of fun must-have items that seem like a good idea today, but you inevitably end up regretting come Christmas day.

And is it just me, or is Christmas being thrust upon us earlier and earlier each year? I have even fallen victim to the shopping madness and have already started my Christmas shopping. But in the long run, I know this pre-emptive strike on the holiday season will make me a happy elf in December. Instead of running around, battling traffic and putting up with the state of panic-mode every shopper seems to be possessed with, I will be sitting at home in my comfy, fuzzy slippers with my sanity intact and an arrogant smile on my face (and probably regretting those pre-season gifts I purchased in October, but I’m finished and that is the point).

Christmas Countdown

Shop early to avoid Christmas Mall Madness

Shop early to avoid Christmas Mall Madness

Countdown clock for Christmas

For those of you that are way too busy to even start to worry about Christmas, be aware that it is just around the corner. December 25th falls on a Saturday this year, so to help you remember, the good computer folks have designed countdown clocks available to put on your computer screen. These little Christmas widgets will tick away the minutes you have left before the big day actually arrives.

Sure you may not pay too much attention to this friendly reminder right now. It will look cute on your desktop and may even strike up a few conversations with those around you; however, what is cute now is going to tick you off later. This Christmas countdown widget has one job to do and that is to keep track of all those minutes, days and weeks slipping past you.

Christmas Countdown Widget

You may think you have “lots of time” to find that perfect gift for your significant other or the must-have toy for your child, but one glance at your pesky little widget friend and it will remind you just how much of that precious shopping time you have now squandered away.

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The Christmas Widget of the Future

If you are anything like me, you may have a tendency to ignore these kinds of devices just taking up room on your computer desktop. I find a calendar is enough to keep me organized… although I may have missed a deadline (or two) because I didn’t look at my puppy-of-the-month calendar, or I mistook the date for being the next day.

I believe if these Christmas countdown widgets are going to be at all effective, they should come with an alarm system. One that has different bells, whistles and tones to grab your attention.

Perhaps the tinkling of a Christmas bell could sound around mid-November? Then maybe a the tune of Jingle Bells playing over and over until it is stuck in your head like a bad dream, at the beginning of December?

As the days progress and we get closer to the big day, I think a loud, authoritative voice should come on and demand we start to get serious about Christmas. Then when you fail to recognize the urgency of the time lapsing, a row of dancing candy canes or elves parade across your screen until you actually shut down the computer and go shopping. Sure it may be delightful at first, but to be effective it should make you want to run from it (like grandma’s old-fashioned figgy pudding).

Christmas Pudding

So that's what figgy pudding is suppose to look like

So that’s what figgy pudding is suppose to look like

Whether you love Christmas and all the craziness it brings with it, or you are content to run out on Christmas Eve and disappoint those around you the next day, Christmas countdown calendars are a great way to keep track of the days leading up until the big day.

Personally, I will be the one already finished with a big arrogant smile on my face. That is until my puppy-of-the-month calendar let’s me down once again and realize I missed yet another deadline…

Merry Widget Christmas

Christmas Gift? Name a Star!