Locate your star with the OSR Telescope

OSR Telescope

With every Super Star Gift comes the OSR Telescope. Start stargazing with this easy to use tool. Extend the barrel, point it to the sky and focus the lens to locate your star. In this blog, we’ve collected everything you need to know about the OSR Telescope.

What is the OSR Telescope?

The OSR Telescope is a specially designed compact mono telescope which comes in OSR’s magical Super Star Gift. With the night sky blue color and the golden details, this mini telescope is a real showpiece. On the side you will see the logo of Online Star Register. This single eyeglass telescope is about 3,5 centimeters in diameter and 14 centimeters long. The objective lens provides you with a bright, wide and far field of vision. By expanding the 3 piece barrel base, you will be able to spot stars from even further away!

Where can I find the OSR Telescope?

Every Super Star Gift includes the OSR Telescope, together with the OSR Gift Pack, Starglobe, VR Glasses and the Super Star Poster. You’ll find the telescope in the middle of the gift box, between the Starglobe and VR Glasses. In the image below you’ll see an example of the Super Star Gift with the OSR Telescope highlighted.

OSR Telescope

Conduit to the cosmos

A telescope is a magical tool, as it spots things that human eyes can’t! Telescopes can collect light that our eyes are unable to. The OSR Telescope is the perfect addition to any explorer’s pocket. Due to its small size, the extendable telescope is perfect to take to the beach, the park or any other place where you can gaze at the stars. Gift this mini telescope to someone who is fascinated by the night sky and receive twinkling eyes in return.

Go out and look up!

Get starry-eyed during a night of exploring the sky. You can see stars, constellations and the Moon with your naked eye. Yet you’re able to discover even more of the galaxy with a telescope or binoculars. Therefore, start stargazing with this easy to use telescope. Extend the barrel on the telescope then simply point your telescope to the sky and look. For perfect focus, adjust the barrel slightly and by twisting the eyepiece slowly. Its waterproof design even makes it possible to stargaze in many weather conditions, just be carefull with heavy rain or snow. Use your star coordinates to locate your own star in the night sky. Have fun on your telescopic journey!

The OSR Telescope is a specially designed extendable telescope which comes in OSR’s Super Star Gift. Use your telescope and star coordinates to locate your own star in the night sky. The beautifully designed mini mono telescope is also useful to brighten up your room. Bring the stars closer and fill your heart with everlasting memories.

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