Memorial gift; Name a Star

memorial gift

Commemorate a life and name a star as the ultimate gift in memory of a lost loved one. Naming a star is a special gift, with which you can immortalize the memory of a loved one in the heavens. A star as a memorial gift is an eternal light that everyone can look for in the sky.

From anywhere on earth you can visualize the star in the sky with the OSR Star Finder app. It is also possible to find your star during the day using the AR function in the app. When naming a star as a memorial gift, OSR allows you to choose a special memorial gift pack that brings meaning and comfort in a time of loss. Keep the memory of your loved ones alive and find consolation while gazing at the stars.

A shining star in the sky to commemorate

With the OSR gift pack you’ll receive a memorial certificate with the details of the star, wrapped in special themed paper. You will also receive a personal letter, a star chart and an information sheet which includes a glow in the dark sticker.

Personalize the star by choosing a star name, star date and constellation that is meaningful for the person that has passed away or important to their family. This could be, for example, the date of birth or date of passing of the lost loved one. A star as a condolence gift can be used to celebrate a special event in the life of a lost loved one and is a great way to immortalize the memories you have of them.

Complete the memorial gift by adding a heartfelt message on the personal text card which is included in the gift. Not sure about what specific message you’d like to send? Then consider our 123 sample sentences to use on a sympathy card.

memorial gift

Naming a star as a memorial gift can be used as a comforting tribute, especially for the family to show your support in dealing with their loss. With OSR you’ll find the most special, unique and above all personal memorial gift.

Naming a star as a commemoratory gift can help console a person that is struggling with the loss of a loved one. This becomes apparent when looking at reviews from customers to see what the memorial gift has meant for them:

 “After my husband passed away, my grandson said when he saw a star, look grandma that’s grandpa! Hence the idea of naming a star for him on his birthday. He is very happy with his present. So this is a great gift to give to someone when you’re looking for something special. ”

 “I bought the gift pack as a memorial gift. The family was particularly touched by such a thoughtful gift. ”

 “Your special memorial package is the perfect gift for someone mourning  the loss of a loved one. A very special memory. ”

Cherish a lasting memory

Name a star in the Online Star Register as a commemoratory gift to celebrate the memory of a lost loved one. You receive a beautiful memorial gift at home that includes a certificate, star chart and glow in the dark sticker. This way you’ll have a shining star in the sky forever and that thought brings comfort. Your star is easy to locate at any time with the free OSR Star Finder app, so you can admire the star whenever you’d like.

“When you miss me, look to the sky, find my name in the stars and I’ll be with you forever”

Choose the most special memorial gift in the universe and name a star in memory of a lost loved one.

Name a Star as a Memorial gift