Looking for an original christening gift for a girl? Name a star!

11 Nov 2020

OSR blog post

Are you looking for a gift for the christening of a newborn baby, or maybe even an original christening gift for the second child? A star as an original christening gift for a girl is a wonderful present to add to the enchanting occasion!

Original christening gift for a girl

The moment of a baptism is an unforgettable event, for both the parents and the child. This is why it is extra important to choose an original christening gift. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find that perfect original gift. Celebrate the baptism of a girl in a sparkling way and give a star as an original christening gift for a girl!

Capture the magical day of a baptism in the night sky forever and name a star. No two stars are the same, making the gift as unique as the girl herself. The registration of a star in the Online Star Register is also everlasting! Such a magical christening gift is perfect for your daughter, niece or little girl!

original christening gift for a girl

Make it as personal as possible!

Personalize the christening gift fully to your wishes! You can choose the star name, star date and the constellation in which the star is located!

  • Choose the girl’s name as the star name and you will get a beautiful star certificate sent to your home. You can frame the certificate to have a tangible reminder of the magical occasion of her baptism forever.
  • Choose the day of baptism or the day of her birth as the star date. Record this unique date in the universe forever.
  • There are also 88 constellations to choose from! You can choose one of the constellations in the zodiac, like the one that corresponds to the month of birth of the girl. But you can also choose a constellation which is most visible on the day and from the location of the baptism. This makes the christening gift even more magical!
  • Add a personal message to the gift package by writing on the personal card. 

In addition, we have a special OSR Gift Pack for the occasion of a christening. The OSR Gift Pack for a girl’s baptism has a matching theme paper to the location and is portrayed with a pink drop. The christening gift for a girl will be delivered to your home in a sparkling pink gift bag.

A magical baptism

Make the day of her christening a magical day and give the most original gift, a star! Make the christening day extra special and choose the OSR Gift Pack with the christening gift for a girl theme.

The star can be found directly in our star register and you will receive a beautiful star certificate. Personalize the gift completely according to your wishes. Name the star after her, give the star the date of the christening day and choose a zodiac constellation that matches her month of birth! More unique, more original and more magical is almost impossible.

Name a star as a christening gift for a girl!