7 essential free apps for Father’s day 2022

free apps for Father’s day 2022

Is your dad a star in the making, but can he use a little bit of extra help sometimes? We have listed 7 essential free apps for Father’s day 2022 especially for him!

1. Calm

Every father occasionally needs time for himself and the free apps for Father’s Day 2022 can help you with that. In the app ‘Calm’ you can learn how to meditate and do mindfulness exercises. Get some time to relax so you have the energy to become a real superstar for your kids. You can search for the constellations Bootes, Circinus, Libra, Lupus or Ursa Minor which are best seen in June.

2. Evernote

Are you forgetting appointments sometimes and could you use some extra help? The “Evernote” app helps you to keep your agenda organized, so you’ll always know which appointments your family made. With this app you can synchronize your agenda’s, which helps you to never miss a birthday again. Let eyes twinkle and name a star for the birthday of a loved one.

3. How to tie a tie

If you find it difficult to tie your tie, the ‘how to tie a tie’ app will be a real lifesaver. Are you planning a night of stargazing with your lover and what to look your best? In this app you learn how to tie your tie step by step, so you will leave the door with a perfect tie.

4. OSR Star Finder App

Is your dad a superstar and want to show him how special he is to you? Name a star and surprise him with a Father’s Day OSR Gift Pack! One of the free apps for Father’s day 2022 is the OSR Star Finder App which you can download in the Appstore (iOS) or Play store (Android). With the ‘Choose the best’ function in the app you can name a star which is seen best from your location.

free apps for Father’s day 2022

5. White noise baby sleep sounds

Is your child having trouble falling asleep? Try out the ‘White noise baby sleep sounds’ app. In this app you can find all kinds of monotonous sounds that will help you fall asleep wonderfully. This works for both father and child, so you don’t have to count stars to get to sleep ;)

6. How to cook everything

Are you not a star chef, but would you like to be able to make tasty recipes? Then the app ‘How to cook everything’ is a lifesaver for you! In this app you will find around 2000 recipes that are on the dinner table in no time. Every step in the recipe has a built-in timer so nothing can go wrong.

7. First Aid app

What is actually indispensable on every phone is the First Aid app. If there is an emergency with your child, you immediately know what to do with the help of this app. For example, it contains advice on what to do when you hit your head. When you slowly start seeing stars through the bang, this app knows what to do to lift the fog in your head.

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you’ve found a few free apps for Father’s Day 2022 that can help you. Do you want to make your father shine like a real superstar and give him an unforgettable day? Name a star and surprise him with a Father’s Day OSR Gift Pack!

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