2021 Year Predictions: What will the new year bring you?

23 Dec 2020

2021 year predictions

The year 2021 is almost here. Are you curious about what 2021 has in store for you in terms of relationships, career and health? It’s all written in the stars! Read your 2021 Year Predictions!

2021 Year Predictions

The year 2020 had been a weird year for most of us because of COVID-19. According to astrology, this was due to the conjunction of the planets Saturn and Pluto. A conjunction occurs when two celestial bodies that are far apart, are seemingly close together from an observer’s perspective. Saturn-Pluto is a dangerous duo and they come together once every 32-37 years. Fortunately, 2021 promises to be good for all signs in the Zodiac. The year 2021 hums with positivity and happiness all around the world. We gain more respect for the people surrounding us and we realize how much strength we have in us. 2021 will change us all in a good way. Make it a sparkling year!

Capricorn – December 22 to January 20

The year 2021 is full of small and big changes in your personal life for you. It can be difficult at times to stay calm because you as Capricorn can often be stubborn. Don’t forget that you are also ambitious and realistic. Get ready for changes and challenges!

In 2021, your energy will peak due to last year’s conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. In the spring, things can change in the relationship between you and a friend due to misunderstandings. But don’t be afraid! As the year progresses you will experience a lot of romance and attention. This attention gives you more self-confidence. In the autumn you are faced with a major challenge at work. Remember that all the effort and motivation you show will be rewarded. Also try to take the time for hobbies, you have so much creativity in you! Your biggest challenge will be to find the balance between relaxation at home and ambition at work.

Aquarius – January 21 to February 19

The planet Saturn will be dominated by Aquarius for a few months this year. This works out well for you, because Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius. As an Aquarius you are loyal, serious and understanding. You naturally attract many people, because your presence is very pleasant for others. Continue to spread joy and harmony!

In the spring of 2021, it will seem like your pace is slowing down. Take some time to reflect and make a plan for the remaining year. Set up new ambitions and work for a good cause. In the summer you are charged with energy and positivity. You connect with people who strive for the betterment of humanity. Maintain these new friendships by giving them lots of personal attention. In the autumn it is better to avoid impulsive actions. Stick to your plans and goals so you don’t make mistakes. At the end of 2021, you can look back on a great year with good initiatives.

Pisces – February 20 to March 20

The Pisces water sign is sensitive, gentle and creative. This year expect anger and sadness, as well as joy and satisfaction. Try to see the positive side of everything. You are a super strong person!

Saturn and Pluto joined last year, making the 2021 theme of Pisces be friendship. You lose friends, but new and valuable friendships are also created. In the spring you have many creative ideas. In addition, countless opportunities come your way. In the summer it can all get a bit too much for you and you may end up feeling exhausted. Try to say “no”, you don’t have to do everything that comes your way. Discuss your feelings with a close friend. Remember there are bumps on the road to success. In the autumn you are ready for relaxation in the form of a trip into nature or a wellness weekend. This year you will learn to become aware of the world around you. This allows you to understand the people around you better and you will continue to cherish your friendships.

Aries – March 21 to April 20

Dear Aries, you are going to shine this year! The year 2021 is all about fighting for your dreams. You are impulsive, enthusiastic and demanding. Change and action are key points in this year. Do not worry about other people’s opinions and work towards your dreams.

Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, 2021 is a favorable year in the direction of career and finance for you. Maybe you have your doubts about this at the beginning of the year, because not everything works out at once. Fortunately, you soon notice that major changes are going to happen in the field of work. You get a promotion, a new job or even a different position. Don’t forget to focus on your health. Try to watch your eating habits and get plenty of exercise. Winter is a great time to go on an adventure with your partner. Look back with satisfaction at the year and what you have achieved. You can be proud of yourself!

Taurus – April 21 to May 21

It’s time for the Taurus to set priorities this year. You are romantic, confident and sometimes stubborn. Recently, you have mainly put your career first. Return to your elements of the Earth in 2021 and make time for your loved ones and enjoy the little things in life.

This year, try to pay more attention to your physical and mental health. Do things that make you happy! Practice being grateful for the little things in life. This can be done by writing down your feelings or by meditating. At the beginning of this year you may feel the need to further develop your talents. Do this! Your family and friends will support you where necessary. Don’t let stress and tension get on your nerves. By focusing on the things you enjoy doing, there will be no major financial changes. In the fall you get creative ideas that positively influence your work. Before embarking on a new challenge at work, make sure you prioritize a healthy mind and body.

Gemini– May 21 through June 20

The Gemini sign is social, energetic and curious. To the outside world it seems as if you have your life in order, but actually you are quite chaotic and your lifestyle is not completely in balance. In 2021 you will make sure to create a balanced life which will cause your spiritual side to come out.

The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn has an unpleasant effect on Gemini. This conjunction represents the theme of “death” in this sign of the zodiac. Don’t be alarmed! Death can also be about finishing, closing or saying goodbye. Either way, you will be dealing with one of these things this year. In the spring of 2021, there may be a change in a relationship with your partner or best friend. One solution is to take more initiative in this relationship. Your directness can sometimes be misunderstood, so keep communicating well. After the summer you have a conflict with yourself, between your mind and heart. Seek help from someone you trust. The planets have little influence on your career path this year. Therefore, there will not be many changes at work, so enjoy the peace and stability. Make sure you have enough relaxation in your free time. Practice yoga, go for a walk in the woods and enjoy a good book or your favorite music.

Annual Horoscope of 2021

Cancer – June 22 to July 22

2021 will be a promising year for you, Cancer! Problems, obstacles or trauma from the past disappear. You are caring, sensitive and you have a lot of perseverance. The stars in the universe will encourage you to work with your emotions and thus make the dark clouds disappear above you. On to a sparkling 2021!

Throughout the year you will experience growth in all areas of your life. You are assured of a successful year at work. Make sure you stay calm and don’t get overexcited or you will experience a lot of stress. In the summer period you have time for new hobbies and physical activities. By performing sports you build a healthy lifestyle. Watch what you eat and enjoy in moderation. In the autumn of 2021, your love life will have its highlight. As a single Cancer you will not meet the right person through a dating app, so make sure to look around you! When you are in a relationship, you quickly discover that you are blessed with a trustworthy and loving partner. Cherish your relationship! This is going to be a great year for you.

Leo – July 23 to August 23

In 2021, the position of Jupiter and Saturn will mean that the sign Leo will be all about health and career. Moreover, this year you will experience a lot of energy and growth in various areas. You are fiery, creative and you are a natural born leader. This year promises to be a year with great opportunities and challenges. You go, Leo!

At the beginning of the year you will meet new connections in your personal and business life. Thanks to these new connections plus your charm and wit, you will get a lot done this year. Make sure you don’t overexert yourself. Make sure to pay no attention to other people’s jealousy. Colleagues can see your commitment and motivation at work as an attack. In the summer you have to motivate yourself to exercise for a healthier lifestyle. Find a workout buddy to stay motivated. In winter you are ready for relaxation. Enjoy visits with family and friends and find peace by being creative. Your dreams are within reach this year!

Virgo – August 24 to September 23

It’s going to be a romantic year for you, Virgo! The Earth sign Virgo is practical, reliable and hardworking. This year, social and charitable causes attract you and you want to show your love to friends and family. It will be a loving year!

This year, love and romance are central. 2021 begins and ends romantically. The year is full of relationship ups and downs, so enjoy the good moments together. In the spring you realize that you want to pay more attention to your inner self. Journal or meditate to get closer to yourself. By paying attention to yourself, you wonder in the summer whether it makes sense to continue with your current work. You would rather work for charities or do voluntary work. Listen to your heart and you will make the right choice. In the fall you can feel tired. Break out of your routine by discovering new things. You may find a new sport or hobby. Know that it is good to get enough rest, make sure to keep your body nicely balanced. On to a warm and loving 2021!

Libra – September 24 to October 23

The Libra sign is charming, direct, and honesty is very important. The year 2021 will bring both small and big successes. This year there will be a major change in your living situation. You are looking for the place where you will feel completely at home!

In the spring of 2021 you will feel great. Your health is doing well and any form of social contact gives you a boost of energy. In the summer, your career is also going great. Your ambitions increase sharply and the universe helps you to rise higher. Do you have your own company? Then new customers, assignments and challenges will come to you automatically. In the autumn you want to enrich your knowledge by studying or taking a class. Saturn is then in Aquarius, which means that you are open to receiving new information and knowledge during this period. In the meantime, continue to give due consideration to your relationships with friends, family and your partner. Only with these people around yourself, can you be yourself.

Scorpio – October 24 to November 22

As a Scorpio you are incredibly ambitious. This year brings you many challenges at work that you should definitely grasp! You have a good sense of humor, you are goal-oriented and you are a bit mysterious. Don’t make hasty decisions this year, but do everything step by step. Then 2021 will be a great year for you!

Last year’s conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will have a major impact on your personal and business relationships in 2021. Expect many changes in the field of work this year, such as a salary increase, new connections or a different workplace. In the spring you have many new ideas about your future. You feel the urge to move or you feel the need for a different job or position. In the summer you have to recharge yourself. As a single Scorpio, you may feel lonely this time. If you’re in a relationship, you have to watch out for a little dip. Enjoy an exotic vacation with your partner or friends. You will notice that afterwards you are full of energy for life again. Watch out for minor health problems in the fall. Get plenty of rest and listen to medical advice. Live from day to day in 2021 and work towards your goals in small steps.

Sagittarius – November 23 to December 21

The universe is predicting a quiet year for you, Sagittarius. Boring? Not at all! Your social life flourishes and you discover new passions. You are adventurous, independent and wise. This year you inspire people with your way of thinking and your way of life. Expect positive attention from friends and family around you!

2021 is all about money for the Sagittarius. Your financial situation can be quite disappointing this year. Fortunately, you are sensible and you know how to find a solution for this. In the spring you may not feel so good physically. Pay enough attention to your health and try to stay fit. In the summer you will be full of passion and energy again! Your positivity attracts other people. You meet countless new people. Be careful because not everyone you get to know has good intentions. Use your intuition and don’t meet up with people you don’t feel good about. You don’t have to expect major changes at work. You even have the perfect balance between your work and private life. Enjoy this quiet year. Your body and mind are preparing for upcoming challenges at the end of 2021.

On to a magical 2021!

In your 2021 Year Predictions, you have read what the stars have in store for you this year. Your horoscope can be influenced by the position of the celestial bodies. 2021 will be a better year for everyone than 2020. Stay positive and enjoy every day. Let the stars and planets guide you and make it a magical year.

Start the year off with a bang, and name a star after yourself or a loved one!

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