Under Armour Spacesuits for Virgin Galactic

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Under Armour has partnered with Virgin Galactic to make spacesuits for their upcoming space missions. Read on to learn more about these new spacesuits.

Many people know Under Armour for its high-performance clothing line for athletes and people who workout. Recently, they have teamed up with Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic to make Under Armour spacesuits for upcoming space missions. Their goal revolves around building a suit that is safe, comfortable, and functional. Under Armor is known for its innovative clothing lines like HeatGear, ColdGear, Recovery Sleepwear, UA RUSH, UA HOVR, and more.

Under Armour Spacesuit

According to Kevin Plank, founder, and CEO of Under Armour, the challenge of designing a spacesuit is a great challenge that his team looks forward to conquering.

“Spaceflight is a unique and demanding regime and requires a different approach. What we’ve engineered utilizing our key technologies will define the future of spacewear and puts us at the forefront of this history-making event. We are grateful to Richard and the incredible team at Virgin Galactic for trusting us with this groundbreaking challenge.” (Under Armour, 2019)

Under Armour Spacesuit

Retrofitting Under Armour’s UA RUSH technology will enhance performance and blood flow during the high and zero-G portions of space flight. The G in zero-G refers to the G forces or gravity impact on our bodies. As objects accelerate through the air toward (or away) from the ground, gravitational forces exert resistance against human bodies. As we accelerate faster and faster and fly higher and higher, the gravitational impact on our bodies grows greater.

Under Armour says their scientifically engineered fabric promotes improved performance and energy return. In simplified terms, UA RUSH is intended to provide the same benefits to the body as an infrared sauna.

Under Armour Spacesuits Fabric

How does Under Armour fabric work?

Minerals found naturally in the earth are extracted and broken down into active particles. Under Armour then melds them together to form a proprietary blend. The blend of materials fuses into fibers, and then machines knit them into UA’s high-performance fabrics. As a result, Under Armour has a fine collection of fabrics for the spacesuits.


  • Knit density mapped to specific areas for optimal cooling or warmth
  • Virgin Galactic flight DNA symbols.
  • Integrated seamless mesh venting
  • UA RUSH mineral-infused fabric reflects energy to promote increased blood flow and recovery.
  • Innovative high stretch collar integrates into the body to eliminate neck seams.

The key to Under Armours’ intelligence is its ability to “read” the human body. The performance of fibers and yarns were mapped to the specific needs of the body. These fibers then provide perfect warmth and sweat management while preventing overheating and chilling. The astronauts of the 1960s would more than likely have enjoyed working in these types of fibers.

How Will It Fit?

How will the Under Armour spacesuits fit? Under Armour uses a unique material that forms to the body. Under Armour calls the material the UA Clone. It is a proprietorial material form to the exact shape of the body for a precision fit and zero-distraction feel. Therefore, they placed the material in certain areas of the body. For example, areas that bend, like knees and elbows, have this fabric inserted for optimal mobility and comfort. In addition, Under Armour added its HOVR cushioning to the spacesuit. This material lies in the shoulder pads and neck area. These areas tend to encounter high impact zones during the high G portions of the flight.