Here are the Astro signs in which the most Grinches are born

The year 2022 is coming to an end. 365 days, divided into 12 months. It started on a Friday and will end on Friday as well.

Although most people enjoy the upcoming holidays and Christmas, some people would like to avoid them at all costs! If astrology is to be believed, it can be influenced by the zodiac sign in which a person was born. Here are the signs most likely to become Grinch-like towards the festive season.


Since the Aries loves to work, holidays are an obstacle for them because they are forced to take time off. This Astro sign would rather spend the holidays doing something other than sitting at home or baking cakes. So, while everyone is looking forward to Christmas, the Aries in your family can make it clear to everyone that they can’t wait for the holiday season to be over, so take it easy.


Virgos are overly critical of themselves and others. Instead of being excited about giving and receiving gifts, they constantly worry about whether their gifts will be good enough.

Also, they like to watch their diet, so they are likely to stress it when they see their family members overeat during the holidays.


Holidays create too much noise, which is unbearable for a Libra. Since they strive for peace and harmony in their daily lives, they do not feel good when too many people are together and therefore do not like the atmosphere that Christmas can create.


Scorpios hate secrecy, and the holiday season can bring some long-kept secrets to the surface in the family. When this happens, Scorpios can make a total scene and ruin the holiday mood for everyone.

Sometimes they even go so far as to refuse to talk to family members and are constantly nagging.


The Aquarius truly enjoys being alone. These people would rather spend their time doing the things they like than in the company of family and relatives. When the holiday season rolls around, there is no choice but to be around family members, which automatically makes them disinterested, so have patience.

The New Year travels?

Did you know? New Year arrives first on the small island of Lain, which belongs to the island nation of Kiribati in the central part of the Pacific Ocean!

These islands are located on the same longitude as the Hawaiian Islands, and therefore January 1 should arrive on both groups of islands at the same time.

However, Hawaiians wait another full 26 hours on New Year’s because, for administrative reasons, the international date line bypasses Kiribati (so as not to cross it) and thus places them in a special time zone (actually three time zones, namely UT + 12, + 13 and +14).