Cancer traits: Explore Fun Activities, Best Zodiac Match & Motto

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Your zodiac sign is Cancer when you are born between June 21 and July 23! The motto of Cancer is: “Being happy doesn’t take that much.” Want to know what this says about you and discover all Cancer traits? Then read on!

Character traits

Adaptable, Caring and Loyal are character traits which best describes someone with the zodiac sign Cancer.


You are able to adapt to different circumstances, when things don’t go as planned. Is a colleague not feeling well, and therefore unable to do their work? No problem! You see which things you can take over immediately, in addition to your own tasks. Even if this means you have to work overtime.


You instinctively take care of other people. First you think of others and then of yourself. When a loved one needs your help, you put everything aside to be there immediately. Suppose, a friend has had surgery and is unable to cook for herself, you’ll be standing at their door with food. You want the people you love to feel well.


Secrets are kept by you, always. Friends love to go to you when they want to vent, because you’re very trustworthy. This ensures in-depth conversations, because the other person knows that they can tell you everything. This also applies to love relationships, you will always remain honest to your partner.

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Fun activities

Cancerians love to travel to see as much of the world as possible. Discovering new cultures and collecting postcards from each country are things you like to do during a trip.The postcards will be a lasting memory to take back home. Regularly visiting exhibitions with friends is something that you love. In comparison with watching films or series behind a screen, are exhibitions so much more fun to visit. Reading a book gives you time to relax, including this blog, where you can read about all the Cancer traits, fun activities, best match and life motto.

Best match

The best match in both friendships and love are fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio. You connect to each other flawlessly and know exactly how to interact with each other. This guarantees that you can be yourself around each other which makes your bond very strong.


The motto of Cancer is: “Being happy doesn’t take that much.” For you, this means recognizing the value of the little things in life. You don’t think it’s important to wear expensive clothes or have a lot of jewelry, but to focus on yourself. When the sun shines and you hear the birds chirping during a walk in the forest, you are already happy. Also being around other people makes you happy. When a stranger walks by and smiles at you, your day can’t get any better.

Cancerians are adaptable and caring people who are always loyal to others. You like to travel and see many places in the world. Your best match in friendships and romantic relationships are fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio.

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