Annual horoscope 2022: This is written in the stars for you!

Jaarhoroscoop 2022

Are you ready for your annual horoscope 2022? The new year has not started just yet, but you can already find out what the stars have in store for you. Will you meet your true love or will this year be wonderful for your career? Find out in this annual horoscope 2022!

Annual horoscope 2022

The year 2022 promises to be a great year for all zodiacs! 2022 is all about self-knowledge. This year the planet Uranus will be positioned in the constellation Taurus, Neptune will be located in Pisces and Pluto can be found in Capricorn. The position of these planets will help you find your inner star, which means your ambitions, desires and wishes will be granted. One thing is clear: 2022 will be a magical year full of surprises. Read on to find out what the stars foresee in your annual horoscope 2022.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 20th

The stars are predicting a positive year for you, Capricorn! A new job, a new lover, a new house: everything is possible this year, but you will have to work for it. Luckily, you are very ambitious, realistic and reliable. With these qualities, you will make your dreams come true this year!

Be sure to seize all opportunities that are offered to you this year. In spring of 2022, your social life will receive a great boost. Your existing friendships will grow stronger over the year, with room for new friendships. Upcoming summer, your love life might get a little rocky. Luckily, it will reach a peak after summer. Your head is filled with romantic thoughts, making plans for romantic getaways with your lover. As a single Capricorn, you will meet your true love at an unexpected place. In autumn, a lot of wonderful career opportunities will present themselves to you. Want to move up in your current job? Then it is important to create a better connection with your colleagues. By spreading warmth and love to everyone, your good vibes will be reciprocated.

Aquarius: January 21st – February 20th

It is going to be an interesting year for you, Aquarius! Career wise, you will take great steps, just don’t forget about your loved ones. You are very mindful and as an Aquarius you have a great sense of humor and are very loyal. Use these wonderful characteristics to make this a dazzling year.

The start of 2022 can be a bit hectic. You are spending a lot of time at work, busy with important projects. Fortunately, your efforts are noticed by your colleagues. This could mean you will earn the promotion you have been waiting for. As a single Aquarius, your love life isn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows. Don’t focus too much on love this year, as your social life deserves more attention. As an Aquarius, you will face some hardships in one of your relationships, testing your bond. The stars are providing you guidance to remain vigilant and not exclusively look for romantic love. In the winter you will have time to allow more attention towards yourself, your hobbies, friends and family. Being an Aquarius, you are naturally more introverted than others. Share your feelings with your friends and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make sure to enjoy the company of your loved ones!

Pisces: February 21st – March 20th

Get ready for an eventful year, Pisces! Happiness, love and harmony are all within reach this year. The water sign Pisces is sensitive, gentle and creative. Don’t limit your caring capabilities to others, but also look after yourself. Your body will be grateful.

In the first half of 2022, not a lot of exciting stuff will happen in your life. However, this is not a bad thing! Use this calm period to work on yourself. Eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. The second half of the year is a different story entirely. It is time for a major clean-up in your life. Various things will come on your path: a new job, a new love, a new house. Follow your intuition to make the right choices. Some changes will be necessary to get further in life. Autumn will be the perfect moment to change jobs or positions. There is a big chance that this will allow your talents to blossom. This winter, you will lose faith in love for a little while. You are doubting yourself and your (potential) partner. Use this time to work on yourself and share your thoughts with your friends and family. Hang in there, because 2022 will end with true love!

Aries: March 21st – April 20th

Positive news for you, Aries! Your annual horoscope 2022 is predicting a wonderful year, filled with success, love and happiness. This year, change the things that you want to change. You are enthusiastic, assertive and courageous, so make your goals and dreams a reality!

Springtime is filled with romance. As a single Aries you are in a favorable position to find a nice date. Are you in a relationship? Then it is time for the next step: living together, getting married or starting a family. Try to keep communicating, this will improve your relationship. In the summer you will be spending a lot of time with friends and family, creating a stronger connection. In autumn you will have to fight for your position at work, this could be a challenge for you. Be careful and keep your guard up, as there could be someone that has bad intentions with you. Don’t let this discourage you, because this will pass. At the end of the year you will enjoy a well earned vacation together with your loved one. Celebrate life!

Taurus: April 21st – May 21st

Dear Taurus, 2022 will be a year filled with happiness and change. You are romantic, confident and sometimes headstrong. You are struggling to cope with changes. However, when trying to embrace these changes, your happiness will be within reach.

The start of the year will be very harmonious for you. Are you a single Taurus? Then the stars predict a lot of opportunities to meet your true love. As a Taurus in a relationship it is time to rekindle passion. Your trust in each other will grow in 2022. Which is a good prospect in romantic relationships! The changes that the universe has anticipated take place in the spring and summer of 2022. You are offered the opportunity to move to a different location. Follow your intuition to make the right choice. Besides this, a change will occur at work. A new colleague will bring negative vibes to work. This will present you with a choice between staying in your current position or deciding to work elsewhere. This could be a difficult decision for you. In autumn you will find peace in a new hobby. Together with your friends and family you will enjoy trips and vacations. Enjoy the beautiful things in life, together with your loved ones!

Gemini: May 22nd – June 21st

Keep your head cool, Gemini. In almost every aspect this year, you will meet with obstacles. As a Gemini you are friendly, ambitious and curious, which will help you get a lot done. Prepare for unexpected happenings this year, but remember: there are bumps in the road to success.

At the start of 2022 you will suffer a winter slump. You seem to be isolating yourself from the world. Distract yourself by picking up creative hobbies. It can help to find a new exercise pal or to pick up a language course. The summer period is a perfect moment to visualize your goals and dreams by meditation or keeping a diary. There is no time to keep dreaming, so take action. Autumn predicts a lot of fortune in your career. You will even be offered the chance to go abroad. Will you follow your dreams or will you stay in your comfort zone? Follow your intuition to make the right choice. Winter time will be filled with romance and social dates. Keep warm this winter and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones!

Cancer: June 22nd – July 22nd

You go, Cancer! Your annual horoscope 2022 predicts that this will be a nearly perfect year. The most important advice for 2022: try to get more in contact with your spiritual self. You are caring, sensitive and have great perseverance. Get ready for a great year!

The planet Jupiter will have a great and positive influence on your social life in 2022. At the start of the new year you will meet new friends through a sport or hobby that you practice. If you are not yet involved in any sports or hobbies, this is the perfect moment to go looking for one! Your horoscope promises a great year for love. As a single Cancer you have a great chance to meet a new love interest. In the summer months it is very likely you will run into love. Are you a Cancer in a relationship? Then you will enjoy a romantic vacation, including sultry summer evenings with your lover. The best career opportunities will present themselves in autumn of this year. There could be small changes occurring in your workplace. You will be earning more responsibilities or you will meet a new colleague that you will get along great with. Warm feelings and romance abound throughout the year. Enjoy 2022, Cancer!

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Dear Leo, you are full of passion, creativity and energy. The stars foretell a lot of challenges in 2022. Because of this, this year will offer a lot of opportunities for improvement. To grasp these opportunities you will need a lot of energy. Focus on your physical, mental and spiritual health this year. Use your Leo-power this year!

In spring of 2022 you are filled to the brim with new ideas and have a renewed sense of energy. Your dedication at work will increase. If you run out of steam, your colleagues will support you. Your connection with your colleagues will grow stronger which will be the reason for your success. Everything you touch, will result in top performance. Because of this, spring will be the perfect moment to start with a personal project. In summer, you will meet a special person. If you are single, this person could be your true love. If you are in a happy relationship, you will create a new and loyal friendship with this person. You will meet this person through a mutual friend. Make sure to take care of your health this winter. Your energy levels could be lower than in the first half of the year. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your family doctor if you are feeling unwell, take action right away. Make sure to get plenty of vitamins and plenty of exercise to prevent illness. Don’t just divide all your attention towards friends and family. Give yourself enough love and attention and you can take on the world!

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

The stars have a lot in store for you, Virgo! However, in 2022 you will be expected to make decisions. This could prove tricky for a Virgo. Luckily you are a real planner, and are organized and reliable. Try to prevent stress as much as possible by using yoga and meditation, by doing so 2022 will run smoothly!

At the start of 2022 you will spend a lot of time with family and work, but will need to invest in other responsibilities. Because of this you are at risk of losing friendships. Be careful not to forget your friends! Surprise them with a postcard and initiate to meet up. By summertime you will face an important choice regarding your career. Your current employer will offer you a new and higher position. At the same time you want to start applying for a job at a new employer. Don’t think too hard about this choice and follow your intuition. In winter as a single Virgo, you will meet a potential partner via a dating app. As a Virgo in a relationship, you can expect a winter slump due to a loss in communication with your partner. Again you will be faced with a choice: will you take a break or will you stay together? Dare to live, follow your instinct and take new steps this year. This way you will discover the magic in your life!

Libra: September 23rd – October 23rd

Buckle up, Libra! The stars predict a year full of changes in all aspects of life! Try to keep your footing and stay true to yourself to maintain harmony this year. You are honest, sensitive and charming. Believe in yourself, then everything will be alright.

In spring of 2022 your social network can take a big blow. You will be forced several times to pick sides in a battle you are no part of. Your choices can cost you one or more friendships. The month of May promises to be an intense month for love. As a single Libra with plenty of dating experience you are ready for a romantic relationship. Are you currently interested in someone? Then this is the moment to take action. Use all your charm! As a Libra in a relationship, sparks will fly between you and your loved one. Your love life will be more wonderful than ever before. Enjoy this time, as this intensity in spring won’t last all year long. After summer your entire career will turn upside down. This will present you with three options. The first option is that you keep struggling by yourself. The second option is to ask for help from someone with more experience. The third option is the decision to do something else. A large part of Libras have been dreaming of a new career for years now. This is the moment to make a decision. The many choices you make throughout this year will do wonders for your confidence.

Scorpio: October 24th – November 22nd

2022 is going to be a promising year, Scorpio! You have a great sense of humor, are ambitious and have a strong will. Besides that, you like to be in control. Try to make some changes here this year and enjoy the spontaneous things in life.

In the first half of 2022 you don’t have to worry about work. You have a great relationship with your colleagues, your employer is very satisfied and you will be given more responsibilities. In spring you notice, as a Scorpio in a relationship, you have more passion and enthusiasm than your partner. Discuss this with them. Openness works wonders! During summer these roles will suddenly reverse. As a single Scorpio you will find happiness and love in the autumn and winter months. In the winter months you will spend a lot of time with family and learn to be more open to unplanned situations. Use your vacation days to make a well deserved nature trip or practice a new sport or hobby to calm your mind.

Sagittarius: November 23rd – December 21nd

It is going to be a sporty and adventurous year for you, Sagittarius! Again you will dream of far away vacations and beautiful journeys. You are adventurous, independent and optimistic. Chase your dreams this year!

At the start of 2022 someone in your past will try to contact you again. Can you trust this person? Be warned, your optimism can be a sign of naivety. Your love life will be off to a less than magical start this year. However, there is a big chance that you, as a single Sagittarius, won’t have to conclude the year being lonely. The stars have something special in store for you later this year. During summer, it is time for your long awaited dream journey! Discover new cultures and new people, rest and be inspired. Your horoscope predicts a lot of fortune for your career by autumn. You are full of ideas and energy. Your colleagues and employer will notice. By going the extra mile, new doors will be opening for you. Winter will be full of romance for you. As a Sagittarius with a partner, your relationship seems to have grown stronger. By continuous communication your dreams and wishes will be within your grasp in 2022.

On to a magical 2022!

In this annual horoscope 2022 you can consult what is in store for you this year. For everybody, 2022 is full of surprises and magical moments. Let the universe guide your way and trust your intuition this year. Make 2022 a magical year! Start the year right and name a star after yourself or a loved one.

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