Learn about the universe with the Fly me to the stars VR app!

- 25 August 2022

Fly me to the Stars

Imagine you were an astronaut exploring the universe, flying from planet to planet. Discover the magic of our galaxy and learn about the planets and stars through a captivating constellation game. The Fly me to the Stars VR app gives you a stunning virtual experience of space in Online Star Register style. In this blog we’ll take you on a journey through the full app experience. Ready to start your space journey?

A Shooting Star Spotting Guide

- 24 August 2022

The basic rule for astronomical observations, including meteor observations, is:  Arm yourself with patience, it very often happens that there is nothing for a few minutes and then in just a few seconds several, brilliant, meteors appear.

The Perseids, Part I

- 21 August 2022

A group of interplanetary matter whose fragments brilliantly collide with the Earth high in the atmosphere, against the starry background of the night, leave no one indifferent. This is especially true if something like this happens in the summer when most people are outside, in the open air, catching a breath of cooler air after the daytime heat.

Unattainable gems

- 1 August 2022

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the worlds beyond in the darkness of space-time enchant with their personality. They are actually somewhat like people; they resemble each other and yet they are so special and unique.

Wentian has merged with the CSS

- 31 July 2022

Earlier today, China’s most powerful Long March 5B rocket launched into space from the Wenchang rocket base carrying the large Wentian scientific research module. Only thirteen hours later, the module successfully docked with the central module (Tianhe) of the large Chinese space station Tiangong.