Fotografar estrelas: dicas para a foto perfeita

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Se você é fascinado pelo céu e pelas constelações, você com toda certeza já tentou fotografar estrelas e percebeu o quanto pode ser difícil conseguir fazer uma boa foto, não é verdade? Fazer fotos de um belo céu estrelado realmente é um desafio tremendo e exige uma certa dedicação para que tudo saia perfeito.

But don’t worry, today we’re going to give you several tips so you can take truly incredible photos of the night sky to enjoy later with your family and friends. If you have the opportunity, also take a photography course to get tips on technical camera (or cell phone) settings from a professional in the field.

Darkness is your friend when photographing stars

One of the first tips for photographing stars is to go to a place far from the city, where there is no visual pollution from bright billboards, poles and other forms of artificial lighting. It could be in a camp or somewhere very dark, like a farm, for example. There you have a greater chance of getting the ideal photo, with the right focus.


Moonless nights are the best for the perfect photo

Take advantage of nights when the moonlight cannot interfere with the production of the image, as the brightness may interfere with your photo. Remember that the main focus is the stars and nothing else. However, if your goal is to also capture the moon, the darkness tip is also valid.

Take advantage of the clear sky to photograph stars

There are weeks when the sky is clear, with no clouds, and those are truly the most perfect nights for photographing stars. They shine and make you become even more enchanted by their beauty. But know that clouds also have their value and can also help compose your photo, giving it a very different meaning, you know?

Having a tripod is essential to capture the right moment.

Regardless of the device you are using to photograph stars, a tripod is essential to keep the camera (or cell phone) stable and wait for the perfect moment to take the photo. Yes, photographing stars requires patience and sometimes you will have to wait for hours to get the perfect moment and photo. But in the end it’s all worth it!

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