Show your star certificate!

Show your certificate

The OSR Gift Pack has the amazing feature to display your star certificate. This is by far the most original and brilliant way to enjoy your very own star. Check out how you can fold your blue envelope into a beautiful display.

Your star certificate is a beautiful reminder to your very own star. The star certificate has a magical design with an official OSR seal and gold decorated details that looks perfect on display! That’s why we have made it easy for you to display your certificate.

Show your certificate

When you order the OSR Gift Pack, you’ll receive a blue tri fold containing your star documents. This magical design gives the recipient of the star gift the opportunity to display their star certificate straight away. No picture frames are needed to show off your star certificate. All you need to do is fold the envelope according to the printed instructions and pick a great spot for presentation.

The star certificate presents proof of your eternal star registration in the Online Star Register. The certificate incorporates your star name, star date and coordinates of your star, together with a sparkling gold OSR seal. The envelope frame complements your certificate impeccably and makes eyes sparkle. The perfect gift to impress friends and family with.

How to fold your blue envelope into a display

The icons on the blue envelope tell you how to assemble the tri fold into a display. If you need some extra explanation, you can follow our step-by-step instructions:
1. To be able to display your certificate, carefully remove the star certificate from the insert.
2. Now turn the blue envelope around and place the certificate in the insert on the back of the blue envelope.
3. To assemble the display stand take the left side of the envelope. This flap holds the star registration documents. Now fold this back in a 45 degree angle. Next, take the right flap and fold it back, bend the crease indicated on the page, and align it with the left flap.
4. The final assembly step is to fixate the envelope stand using the two crescent cut outs.
5. Directly place your framed certificate on any surface in your home. Now sit back and enjoy your very own star any time of the day!

show your certificate

Keep your star documents together inside the blue envelope

Your star registration documents are safe in the insert folder inside the blue envelope, so you can’t lose them. The OSR code explanation sheet, letter, star map and personal text card are tightly held together with a special insert to prevent them from sliding out.

Show your star certificate with the renewed OSR Gift Pack. Place your framed certificate in your home and impress family and friends. The most stunning way to honor your own star. And the best part is, the envelope will be delivered by mail right to your door. Are you ready to present your star?

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