NEW: The Super Star Gift!

We are very happy to announce our brand-new product: The Super Star Gift! Give a piece of the universe with this amazing present. This new, sparkling and out of this world star gift is now available for all new and existing customers from all over the world. Discover the magic of the Super Star Gift!

The new beautifully designed Super Star Gift allows you to see your star registration documents at a glance and provides the option to display your certificate straight away. Our brand-new star gift includes all the digital elements, plus out of this world extra’s to keep you exploring. It comes with a personalized OSR Gift Pack and unique accessories, like the OSR Telescope and the Super Star Poster. Unwrap the magic!

OSR’s new Super Star Gift

The Super Star Gift is our new gift box that adds magic to any occasion. This dazzling gift contains our popular OSR Gift Pack, which includes an eternal registration in the Online Star Register and access to your own Star Page, personal OSR Starsaver and the free OSR Star Finder app. The Super Star Gift is our most inclusive star gift, and contains five accessories to enjoy your very own star. You’ll receive the gift box in a magical design, that unfolds into an out of this word gift experience. Every element in this beautiful box contains a stunning design to make magic happen! The gift box contains:

Fly me to the Stars app

The Fly me to the Stars VR app is the most fun way to visualize your star! You can now experience the cosmos in virtual reality as an astronaut traveling through space. Land on the surface of the moon and explore the galaxy. You can even visit your own star and see its surroundings by looking up. The best part is you can download the app for FREE!

VR glasses

To make the best use of the Fly me to the Stars VR app, the Super Star Gift contains VR cardboard glasses that enable you to take the journey through space. All you need to do is set up the glasses, fix your phone in place, and start your VR Journey through space.


The Starglobe is our specially designed snowglobe that contains a beautiful golden star, presented on a stellar blue base. The golden constellations on the side makes it the perfect accessory to remember your star. Shake the star globe to enjoy the dazzling stardust! Place it anywhere in the house for all to see and enjoy your star at any time of the day.

OSR Telescope

Bring the stars closer with the OSR Telescope! This mini telescope enables you to find your star in the sky. Discover celestial objects by simply pointing your telescope to the sky and look. This single eyeglass telescope is about 3,5 centimeters in diameter and 14 centimeters long. By expanding the base, you will be able to spot stars from even further away!

Super Star Poster

The Super Star Poster is a representation of your star and its cosmic surroundings. You’ll find this stunning A3 size poster neatly tucked away in your Super Star Gift. Depending on the star color you have chosen, a colorful design with stunning gold foil will tell you how the stars align. You can now display the night sky with your shining star on a wall or stand to impress your family and friends!

Discover a piece of the universe

In addition to these amazing new tools, there is now also the option to choose between a white or blue star certificate. The blue star certificate is exclusively available for the Super Star Gift. This gives you the option to personalize your star gift even more!

This magical gift is available in 20 different occasions which fit many celebrations and milestones. Name a star and discover a piece of the universe together with your loved ones. The items in the beautifully designed gift box will help you to visualize your star in an array of magical ways. Complete the magical experience of naming a star by ordering the Super Star Gift!

Magic like you’ve never seen

Create magical moments with our new Super Star Gift. With the new tri fold gift pack, choice of certificate color and star visualization tools you’ll have everything you need to make eyes twinkle! Everything OSR offers to visualize your star is included in this beautiful gift box. Unwrap the magic and take a journey through the universe using your star registration details and the tools provided in the gift. Say yes to sparkling and order the Super Star Gift!

Order the Super Star Gift!