SpaceX’s Raptor engine or the Russian RD-180?

- 5 April 2022

The ‘Raptors’ are a family of Mask’s methane engines, planned for the future ‘Starship’ rocket, which should take part in the exploration of the Moon and the colonization of Mars. The RD-180 is a Russian two-chamber kerosene engine. Until recently, the Russians sold over 120 of these powerful engines for $ 23 million each!

James Webb finally flew into space

- 28 December 2021

In the year 1995 we had a chance to watch the movie Golden Eye from the spy series about James Bond. The following year, 1996, the development of another Golden Eye began – the James Webb Telescope. Today, on December 25, 2021, we welcomed its successful launch. Where did it go and what will it do in the coming days?