Come vestirsi, frasi da dire e regali da fare per il party dei 18 anni

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Il compleanno dei diciotto anni è sempre un evento importante. Tanto che, quando ci invitano, non sappiamo proprio come fare e cosa fare per fare una bella figura e non essere colti "impreparati". Ecco alcuni consigli pratici per fare una bella figura quando si va ad una festa dei diciotto anni come invitati.

Do you have to go to an 18th birthday party but don’t know how? what to give? what clothing to use? what phrase to write on the greeting card? How to behave during the evening? When to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday and give the gift? 

These and other questions are often asked by those who are invited to a birthday party but don’t really know how to make a good impression. Here are some practical tips that may be useful to you.

The gift for the eighteenth birthday

Get him a nice gift : it’s not always easy to choose a good gift for an 18th birthday. Often you find things that are obvious and banal. Many buy directly on Amazon, or in shopping centers, without getting to buy a unique, special and personalized gift .

However, for an eighteen-year-old birthday, it would be good to make a good impression with a unique gift, which leaves the person speechless, which makes them feel really important. This is why it is necessary to give an original gift that remains in the heart. There are many gifts of this type, one among many is giving a star as a gift for an 18th birthday .

It’s a personal and customizable gift. Giving a star is in fact a simple way to tell the person (friend, boyfriend, etc.) that they are unique and special for us. For example, you can write the name of the birthday boy, and call the star that way. This way it will feel truly unique!

Happy 18th birthday: the phrases to say

Arriving at your eighteenth birthday party with a nice gift is certainly important, and earns us points. But the gift, without a good accompanying greeting , is nothing! Therefore it is important that a unique sentence is written for the birthday boy, which makes him truly special in the eyes of everyone, and above all to the birthday boy himself who reads the sentence (or birthday girl).

Turning 18 is an important stage in life, and sometimes a sentence is even more important than the gift. There are infinite combinations of phrases that can be invented to make the person receiving the gift happy, the adult. The ideal would be to find (invent) a phrase that makes an impression , and that remains in the heart, evoking feelings. This type of greeting phrases can only be found by knowing the birthday person well, otherwise they would come out as clichés and without too much personalization.

If you don’t know the birthday boy well, or you’re just running out of ideas on how to wish a happy birthday in an original way , here on OSR we have created a list of phrases for 18th birthday greetings  so you can find a special phrase for the birthday boy. There are phrases for all occasions, for a friend, for a relative (even a son or daughter), for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in general love and romantic phrases for 18 years old, as well as phrases for generic eighteenth birthday wishes.

Ideas for sentences to use at an eighteenth

It is important to send a nice greeting with a nice phrase for your eighteenth birthday party. A phrase that has always struck me a lot is the one said in the film Blow  with Johnny Depp.

May you always have the wind at your back,

May the sun always shine on your face, 

And may the wind of destiny carry you high to dance with the stars.

In my opinion, this phrase is perfect for wishing a birthday greeting, especially if you’re turning 18 (insert the fact that the phrase is taken from a “not very recommendable” film!)

Another phrase that I really like is by Paulo Coelho , written in the book  The Alchemist , a book that left me with a lot of good memories and feelings. The phrase that struck me a lot, and which in my opinion can also be used as a wish for an 18th birthday, is:

Listen to your heart, for it knows all things. 

With these phrases you can go “without fail” that the person being celebrated will like. Otherwise there are a lot of other phrases in the list of over 178 phrases for happy 18th birthdays  (which I shared at the top of this article).

Here are the suggestions for phrases to wish you 18 years of age. If you need more inspiration, just ask in the comments below, and here at OSR we will look for the best sources of inspiration for your special, original and unique eighteen years!

18th birthday party: how to dress

How to dress for an 18 year old birthday?  There are conflicting opinions on this topic. The thing to take into consideration is that first of all we are talking about how to dress for a birthday guest, not for the birthday boy.

Some practical advice on how to dress for 18th birthday parties : some say that it depends on the person celebrating, that is, if the person celebrating is a cool guy, then you have to dress like a guy, otherwise not. I don’t believe, I believe that everyone, at 18, should maintain their own identity and dress as they see fit. That said, there are some social standards that should be respected.

That is, it is important to dress, if not elegantly, at least with a certain style, especially because it is a way to be seen by classmates with clothes different from those you wear every day at school.

18th birthday party

So I still recommend using the best clothes you have, and considering the invitation to the 18th birthday party as an important event to take into consideration. This way you will make a good impression and you will have the opportunity to impress someone who has always seen you with a different eye.

If you don’t have clothes for particular events it would be good to go to a shop and buy some, not too expensive, but at least a little flashy, which highlights our personality .

The dress is a great way to make a good impression on the birthday boy, but also on all the people invited to the party. So I advise everyone to make good use of it.

I hope that these tips have been useful to you in finding useful information on how to behave and what to do at an 18th birthday party to which you have been invited. If you have any questions in particular, you can ask them from the comments page below.