How To Write A Valentine’s Day Love Letter

A Valentine’s Day love letter expresses how much you love your dearest in the most poetic way possible. It allows you the time to think of everything you wish to say the most without the pressure of on the spot perfection. A letter gives you a perfect chance to put your best foot forward and reveal your more softer and vulnerable side. However, how many of us are confidant of our writing abilities and our ability to express our feelings eloquently. It is very easy for a love letter to become cliché or corny as writing a love letter is hard job. In this article, we are providing you some great ideas on how to write a romantic Valentine’s Day love letter.

  • Always be original – There is nothing that’s more irritating than receiving valentine’s day love letter that has been copied. One doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare to write a love letter, rather just write down your true feelings and your beloved will find it the best letter in the whole world.
  • Use Easy words– While writing a love letter, you don’t need to flaunt a complex, complicated vocabulary that your valentine may or may not understand. Instead make use of simple, easy phrases and words and focus on how much you care about your other half.
  • Don’t make it too long – A love letter is your chance to express your feelings with strength and intensity, however it should not be too long so as to bore your beloved. A long love letter will surely turn off your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Use your own Handwriting – Love letters written on a computer lacks personality and feeling behind the sender, so always consider writing a valentine letter yourself. Make use of your best stationary and write in your neatest writing
  • Don’t make your letter too dramatic – While writing your love letter, it’s very easy to get carried away but always remain sincere in what you are expressing. It is essential not to make many grammatical mistakes.
  • Always be honest – One of the important points while writing a love letter is to be completely straightforward in what you are writing. The essential thing is not what the letter says, but what it says is completely true.
  • Consider the stage of your relationship – Before writing the first draft, always consider how deep your emotional relationship is with the person. Writing a love letter to a newly founded love is quite different from a life long partner. You do not want to scare away your valentine. So, reserve words like life-long, forever for a person you have know since a long time. Moreover, making use of words like amazing, sincere and selfless are good but always support your statement with examples.
  • Rely on past history between you two – While writing your valentine’s love letter, you can share some wonderful moments shared with your lover. Even if your writing lacks articulacy, the sincerity behind the words will be much appreciated.
  • Always revise your first draft – Always remember to revise your first draft written. Although it may feel like something you use to do for your school projects, but its important for love letters as well! You surely don’t want a spelling mistake or wrong grammar to be immortalized forever. Make editing in your letters until the flow seems right.
  • Organize your thoughts together – While starting to write a love letter, always brainstorm what you are going to say to your significant other. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will certainly appreciate your clarity of thoughts and genuineness behind the words.
  • Clear your head with distractions – When writing a love letter, you must clear your head of any outside distractions as you are writing to your valentine; and he or she deserves your undivided attention.
  • Close your letter right – While closing the love letter, never forget to sign your valentine love letter. Remember to personalize the ending of the letter with, “ I will love you forever”, “Yours always”. These can be some of the possible closings depending upon the status of your relationship.

Here you go folks! Writing a Valentine’s Day love letter isn’t all that tough. All you need to do is gather your thoughts together and follow the above-mentioned simple tips. Happy writing and Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

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