Top 10 magical Christmas gifts for 2023

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time for finding magical Christmas gifts for your loved ones. In this blog we’ll give you the top 10 tips for finding the perfect Christmas present!

Finding a Christmas gift can be difficult, because you’ll want to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful, meaningful gift. If you are looking for something original, you have come to the right place, because we have listed the 10 greatest gifts and inspiration for Christmas 2023!

1. Name a star for Christmas

If you are looking for a magical, personalized gift for Christmas, we have just the thing. Why not name a star for your loved one? The gifting of a star will bring a twinkle to the eye of the receiver. You can make it personal and choose different gift options to suit your budget and gift wishes. Name a star as a Christmas Gift at Online Star Register: The most magical gift of the universe!

Name a star as a Christmas Gift

2. Make a compliment jar for Christmas

Christmas is the most special when celebrated with friends, family and loved ones. You can make it even more special by telling them what they mean to you. All you need is a glass jar and some paper. Write down compliments, write notes about how they inspire you and what you like about them. Maybe even write down memories you made together. A compliment jar is a great and original Christmas gift.

3. Prepare a meal as a Christmas gift

Everyone loves a delicious home-cooked meal just for them. Cooking for someone is a really special and memorable gift. You can prepare the menu together or surprise them with a yummy prepared Christmas dinner!

4. Give a warm Christmas Gift

The winter is coming and the frost is in the air. Time to stay warm. Why not give a gift to warm up together, like a (heated) blanket, candles, socks or earmuffs? Every time they are getting cold and use your gift to stay warm, they will think of you.

5. Tarot Cards for Christmas

Why not gift your loved ones tarot cards? Tarot is an amazing way to make sense of what you’re feeling. It takes a while to learn how to read the cards, but when you do, you have an unlimited resource to ask questions to and help you make sense of things. There are many gorgeous tarot sets out there, so you’ll surely find something the receiver would love. Some tarot sets have beautiful artwork, but you also have sets based on books, movies or animals.

6. Go Stargazing for Christmas

Instead of choosing a product, you can also gift an activity. What is something that you like to do together? You can go stargazing, have a night out or do something you’ve always wanted to do. The options are endless.

Stargazing OSR Telescope

7. Make your own cake mix for Christmas

People who bake together, stay together. Baking is a lovely activity to spend time together. Do you have a recipe you use when baking cookies or cake? Make your own personal cake mix for your loved ones and have fun together in the Christmas holidays!

8. Collect memories for Christmas

Get a beautiful jar or box and fill it with memories you made together. You can add concert or museum tickets, birthday cards, letters, receipts of dinners you had together or maybe a cork of a special wine bottle. Seeing the memory jar in their home will surely spark joy, and it would be a great Christmas gift!

9. Crystals for Christmas

Crystals are another shiny Christmas gift. They’re not just pretty rocks (although they do look fantastic in any interior) but crystals can also help us relax or be more balanced. With crystals you can manifest more positive emotions or set purposes. It’s a great gift to inspire your loved ones to reach their goals.

10. Personalised jewelry for Christmas

You can’t go wrong with jewelry for Christmas. Make it special by personalizing it, like a locket or a bracelet with someone’s name, birthday or zodiac sign. There are many gift options available and you will surely find something to make eyes sparkle!

Do you need an original Christmas gift for 2023? We have given you the top 10 gift ideas for a loving, thoughtful Christmas. Why not name a star, cook up a homemade dinner or make your own cake mix? What are you gifting this Christmas?

Name a star for Christmas