Christmas Trivia; Did You Know…?

Christmas Trivia

Christmas comes and goes each year, but other than the constant hustle and bustle, do we really know anything else about the most festive and celebrated of all the seasons? Like over 3 billion Christmas cards are sent all over the world? Or that all the gifts added up in the 12 Days of Christmas song would equal out to 364 gifts?

Check out these other Christmas trivia fun factoids to amaze and astound your friends with, or to at least give you something else to think about during those long line ups in the grocery store.

Christmas Trivia

Christmas mind-benders

Christmas mind-benders

Every holiday season we make our way to the deep dark recesses of our basements or attics to pull out our artificial tree. Then we struggle to get it into the stand and so on and so on… Or you may be one of those people that bundles up and goes to a tree farm to pick out the perfect specimen. Either way, this tradition is a huge part of Christmas. So test your Holiday IQ with some cool Christmas tree trivia. It is so much better for the brain than having the 12 Days of Christmas song playing over and over and over in a nerve frazzling loop.

1) The Germans used to make Christmas trees from what?

a) dyed goose feathers
b) tinsel
c) bratwurst
d) twine

Answer: The German’s used dyed goose feathers instead of actual trees.

2) How tall was the tallest Christmas tree ever cut down?

a) 60 feet
b) 167 feet
c) 221 feet
d) 103 feet

Answer: The tallest tree was a Douglas fir. It was 221 feet and displayed in front of the North Gate Shopping center in Seattle Washington in 1950.

3) Approximately how old is a Christmas tree before it is cut down?

a) 8 years
b) 20 years
c) 10 years
d) 15 years

Answer: A tree has to grow for approximately 15 years before it is big enough for the tree trade.

4) How many Christmas trees are sold throughout the world?

a) 40 to 45 million
b) 30 to 35 million
c) 20 to 28 million
d) Over 93 million

Answer: Over 93 million real Christmas trees are sold each year throughout the world.

5) The word “evergreen” is from two old words; aefie meaning always and gowan, meaning always. What old language is this?

a) French
b) Spanish
c) English
d) German

Answer: Aefie gowan is from the Old English language

Christmas Tree Trivia

Trees waiting for the holiday season to shine

Trees waiting for the holiday season to shine

Santa Trivia

You may have to stand in line for hours to meet the big guy and spend countless hours perpetrating the ongoing Santa sage with your little ones, but there is actually some really interesting facts about Santa and his reindeer. Take a clo-ho-ho-ho’se look at the following brain-teasers.

1) Rent-a-Santas have to go through training to do this job. What is taught to these jolly men?

a) How to avoid yelling at a child
b) How to remain jolly
c) What foods to avoid eating
d) The Ho Ho Ho voice

Answer: Seasonal Santas are given a course on how to stay jolly during this hectic season as well as to avoid eating foods such as garlic, onions, beans or any other gas-inducing item.

2) Santa Claus is known by many names around the globe. Which one of these names is he not known as?

a) Saint Nicolas
b) Father Christmas
c) Kris Kringle
d) Jack Frost

Answer: Even though Santa lives in the North Pole, he has never been known as Jack Frost.

3) If Rudolph really was a reindeer with a red nose, he would be suffering from what affliction?

a) hoof and mouth disease
b) respiratory illness
c) Reindeer lung disease
d) fleas

Answer: Norwegian scientists hypothesized that Rudolph’s red nose would be caused from a parasitic respiratory infection; aka the common cold.

4) Santa’s reindeer may all have male names, but in theory why is not possible for the reindeer to have been male?

a) Male reindeer can’t fly
b) Male reindeer don’t get along in a large group
c) Male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter months
d) Male reindeer hibernate during the cold months

Answer: Male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmas time. So the animals pulling Santa’s sleigh would either have to be female or the castrati species.

5) Stuffing stockings is a Christmas tradition. How big was the largest stocking ever to be stuffed?

a) 106.9 ft long by 49.1 ft wide
b) 110.8 ft long by 52.8 ft wide
c) 100.6 ft long by 39.8 ft wide
d) 99.8 ft long by 28.9 ft wide

Answer: The largest stocking was 106.9 by 49.1. It was made by the Children’s Society of London on December 14th, 2007. This stocking held almost 1,000 presents and weighed as much as five reindeer.

Christmas Santa Trivia

Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

Christmas is a magical time of year when peace and goodwill is at the forefront and holiday parties are always on the calendar. Use this trivia to fill in those awkward social small-talk gaps or amaze and astound your friends and family with your Yuletide knowledge – it’s better than getting drunk and dancing semi-topless with Christmas bows and bells on your tatas – although I can’t guarantee the same response…

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