6 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day

It may seem like every month there is another “Hallmark” holiday that needs to be taken care of with cards, gifts and good cheer. Springtime not only brings the Easter bunny, but on his bunny-heeled trail comes Mother’s Day. However, Mother’s Day is one of those celebrations we should take time out of our busy lives to recognize. After all, we all have (or had) a mother and without her, we would not be here today.

Mothers Day Cooking

So is it really too much to ask that on every second Sunday of May, we take a few moments to stop and honor our moms? If you answered “yes” to this rhetorical question, then I have put together a list of 6 reasons why you should celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day – it’s based on the word ‘mother’ and may just make you change your answer.

M in Mother is for… Meals

Whether your mom was a culinary whiz that could make a masterpiece out of mayonnaise and wieners or one that thought mayonnaise on weiners was a mouthwatering lunch, we have to salute her attempts. Making meals each day for a family is not an easy task, especially if Mom is a working mom that spends all day “earning the bacon” only to come home to picky kids that refuse to eat it. Aprons off to you, Mom and all those meals you made out of love and even the ones you heated up in the microwave.

O in Mother is for… Ointments

When you become a mother your bathroom cabinets and drawers contain less beauty products (who has time) and is replaced with assorted ointments and elixirs. My mother’s “magic cabinet” was always filed with all sorts of tubes, bottles and swabs that could fix anything that ailed me. Some of them were smelly, some were gooey and others were downright disgusting, but I always felt better after a dose of mom’s home remedy, a kiss on the cheek and a reassuring word. Here’s to mom’s ointments, even if it is just an antibiotic cream and aspirin.

T in Mother is for… Teaching

Moms are the greatest teachers in the world. We learn from her a brand of skills that only a mom can provide. She teaches us how to walk, then run in a world that only wants to knock us down. She teaches us the art of negotiation (I never did like sharing) how to stand on our own for the first time (kindergarten was scary) and how to face bad circumstances with boldness and determination. Thanks mom for the courage to flourish!

Mothers Day Teaching

H in Mother is for… Hearing

Moms have supersonic hearing. They can determine the difference between a cry of annoyance or one of pain. Her hearing can pick up the smallest rattle of a cookie jar lid or the slowest creek of a door being snuck through late at night. Her ears are in tune to the giggles of first love and to detect the hushed cry of a broken heart. Moms hear what we say and what we don’t. Thanks mom for all the times your “hearing” saved us from stomach aches and heartache

E in Mother is for… Eternal

The moment a baby is placed in a mother’s arms, she is eternally in love. It doesn’t matter what we look like, or smell like, a mother’s love holds fast. We can be the brightest kid in the class, or think that glue makes a good appetizer to lunch. Mom is always there to cheer us on to greatness or to offer a kind word when we stumble and fall on the road of life. A mother’s love is boundless and eternal.

R in Mother is for… Right

As teenagers we always think our moms are so out-of-tune to life. We think their “ancient” brand of wisdom is ridiculous and that we ourselves know it all. However, after we chase after our own understanding, we usually come back to realize that Mom was right (whether we admit it to her or not). She was right about the latest look not being quite right for us (blue hair did not suit my skintone), she was right about needing to study hard, even though we wanted to spend the extra time with friends and she was right about the “bad boy” breaking our heart. Thank you to all your rightness, mom, and for still being there, without the I-told-you-so’s, once we figured it out.

Celebrate Mothers Day

Let’s celebrate our moms this Mother’s Day. Let’s appreciate her for all she’s done and all she has seen us through. It’s only one day even though she deserves this and so much more.

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