Surprise your mom with a sparkling Mother’s Day coloring page!

23 Apr 2021

OSR blog post

Sparkle up your mom’s day and show your mother you love her to the stars and back! It’s time to pamper her with a personal and unique gift. A colored coloring page is the perfect gift she’ll simply love. Read on and download the free sparkling Mother’s Day coloring page.

The OSR coloring page

A sparkling Mother’s Day coloring page is one of the best options to celebrate this festive day and make it even more special for moms. Moms always love to get something their child has worked on! Online Star Register offers an original and unique coloring page to celebrate Mother’s Day in a personal way. This is the first coloring page from Online Star Register – it couldn’t be more special!

Download the coloring page

Make Mother’s Day extra colorful with our coloring page. Below this text, you’ll find a free PDF you can download and print at home. To download, simply click on the blue button. Decorate the coloring page with your mother’s favorite colors. You can also add glitter to make it a really sparkling Mother’s Day coloring page.

Download the coloring page!

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Make Mother’s Day more special by adding some extra sparkle. Give the coloring page in the morning during breakfast in bed. You can showcase your coloring page by framing it. Framing your coloring page is a beautiful way to remind your mother of your unique gift. Make it even more special by giving your mom a brilliant star gift this year! Show your mother how much you care about the love and support she’s offered throughout the years. Name a star in the Online Star Register! You can put your coloring page in the OSR Gift Pack for a more personalized and magical experience. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a personalized star.

Share your sparkling Mother’s Day coloring page

After your mom has received her brilliant gift, you or your mother can share the magical coloring page on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #onlinestarregister or tag us @onlinestarregister, so we can like and share your beautiful piece of art!

Add sparkle and color to this Mother’s Day. A coloring page is a fun and creative way to show your love for the mother in your life. Download, print and decorate the free OSR coloring page to surprise your mom. Success guaranteed! Bring more color to her life by naming a shining star in the Online Star Register. It’s the most unique and personalized gift in the universe.

Name a colorful star!