The White and Blue Star Certificate

White and Blue Star Certificate

When ordering a Super Star Gift, you can choose between a white and blue star certificate. The certificate contains your chosen star name, star date, constellation, star coordinate and unique registration code. Not sure which color to choose? In this blog, we’ll tell you more about the white and blue star certificate.

The star certificate

The star certificate is a beautiful reminder of your very own star. Your certificate presents proof of your eternal star registration in the Online Star Register. On the certificate, you can see your star name, star date, your chosen constellation, the coordinates of the star and your unique registration code. The star certificate has a magical design with an official OSR seal and gold decorated details. The perfect gift to impress family and friends with.

Where can I find the certificate?

With every Super Star Gift comes the OSR Gift Pack, together with the Starglobe, OSR Telescope, VR Glasses and the Super Star Poster. Inside the OSR Gift Pack, you’ll find the star certificate. Just unfold the envelope to see the certificate. On the right side of the certificate you will find your star registration documents presented in an insert. In the image below, you’ll see an example of the OSR Gift Pack with the star certificate highlighted.

White and Blue Star Certificate

White certificate

Apart from choosing a star name, occasion, constellation and star color, now you can also select the color of your star certificate when ordering a Super Star Gift. Choose to receive your certificate in a bright white or in a beautiful night sky blue color. The white certificate contains a blue font color and gold details. This certificate color is the perfect choice if you like light natural colors. The A4 size certificate comes out even more beautifully if you hang it on your wall in a wooden picture frame.

White and Blue Star Certificate

Blue certificate

The blue certificate is the best choice for the real universe lovers. Imagine yourself in space when looking at this beautiful blue document. Display the A4 size certificate in a golden picture frame so the color matches the golden text on the certificate. Show your certificate to enjoy the beautiful night sky colors at any time of the day. The blue star certificate is exclusively available for the Super Star Gift.

In this blog, we’ve collected everything you need to know about the white and blue star certificate. Choose to receive your star certificate in a bright white color or in a beautiful night sky blue color. Display your certificate and fill your heart with everlasting memories.

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