Can’t wait to see all certificate and documents

Thank you for helping me.
Can’t wait to see all certificate and documents about a star.
I think my future husband will be so happy!

A special thing for my wife

Thank you for working with me on this it’s kinda special thing for my wife. thank for helping me I’ve let people I know about this and how much my wife enjoyed getting it thanks

Original modern gift

Buy a star is a good original modern gift which will suprise your partner and make him/her happy.

OSR is the best gift!

OSR is the best gift! I named a star for my fiance as a wedding gift and i loved that i was able to choose a star that aligns with the date of our wedding. I also appreciate that we are able to actually see our star through the app that helps you find your personal star. Not only does customer service ROCK, it is the perfect gift for any space lover, star gazer, or dreamer alike.

Brilliant idea

This is a brilliant idea for offering a gift and to remember the special day of my life. Knowing that there is a star in the sky that belongs to me makes me feel special whenever I look up to the sky.

What a fantastic wedding gift!

Naming a star for a wedding couple to give to them as a wedding gift is a wonderful idea. The star is registered in the Online Star Register and you can look up the star at any time. Gary and Leslie did this when I gave them a star as a wedding gift. After the wedding they sent me a thank-you card with a picture of the online star register.

Our names immortalized in the firmament

Of all the presents we could have received for our wedding, I though the immortalisation of our names in the sky was one of the most original. This wedding present is very precious to us.

Thank you!

We are extremely happy that we choose OSR for sending a personalized wedding gift to one of our closest friends. Not only did they received the wedding gift on time but they also loved its beautiful wrapping. Its really lucky we choose OSR to send gift for the wedding at the last moment! Thank you!

Perfect Gift!

Hi OSR, I just wanted to thank your entire team for sending the wedding star gift. My wife and me were anxious that my sister would not be able to receive our gift for wedding on time. I am very impressed with the service provided by your team and will be happily recommending you to my friends and family.

Awesome wedding gift

My personalized wedding gift arranged by my parents was really a surprise for us. Thank you OSR! Your wedding star gift is no doubt our best wedding presents that we have received. The unique coordinates of the star named after us is one of a kind and will be cherished by us always.