He loved the star

I ordered a gift pack for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, he loved the star and all the cards that came with his name, the name of the star and the Christmas theme, we both fell in love with the personalized website for the star and the possibility of posting messages in there.

My sister was speechless !!!

Hi everyone!!!
The gift pack is here!!
Thank you so much for everything.
My sister was speechless !!!
I am so happy to see her moved by my letter!!!
Thank you.❤️❤️

I’m so excited to receive this gift for Christmas!

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response! I’m so excited to receive this gift for Christmas! Thank you so much!

They really put a lot of thought and effort into everything.

I have ordered a star gift pack a few years ago and it was an awesome gift so I decided to get another one for my dad as a Christmas gift this year. I hadn’t received my gift package yet and contacted customer service. They got back with me the very next day and two days later I had my gift package. They were quick at resolving the issue and super friendly about it as well! It is even better than the first package I had ordered years ago. They really put a lot of thought and effort into everything. Thank you!!!

You can’t go wrong with OSR

This is the best website for naming stars I love it and I would say that you can not go wrong with ordering from OSR that rocks

Wonderful surprise

I found this Xmas gift online thanks to a tip from my director. I had been looking for a beautiful gift to give for Christmas for ages. We had decided to draw lots with the whole family. I drew my niece, with whom I have a special connection. She has meant a lot to me in the last year. Because of this, I wanted to find a really special Xmas gift for her. There are countless Christmas gifts out there, but I was looking for that truly special one. You can not only name the coordinates on this website, but can also write a personal text. I made grateful use of this opportunity! Two days before Christmas, I had the wonderfully wrapped gift in my hands. It looked really festive under the Christmas tree. My niece has got a beautiful place of ‘honour’ in the sky. She was very happy with this Christmas gift!

Best Christmas gift

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my personalized Christmas gift. I received the Christmas star gift from my Mom this year. As soon as I opened my package, I was happy and touched by her gesture. This unique gift to me will be one of my best Christmas memories for years to come. I recommend your website to everyone looking to buy a Special Christmas gift for their loved ones.

I would recommend the OSR to everyone

Last year I was given a star as a Christmas present. That was simply done, because at the Online Star Register you can name the coordinates of a unique star after a person of your choice online. Once under the tree, this Christmas present was an immediate eye-catcher! I therefore recommend Online Star Register, not just for Christmas, but as a present for every occasion.

Good idea!

Like every year, my husband and I will be spending Christmas with the whole family at the ‘de Twente Bes’ campsite in Enschede, great for taking some time off around the holidays. This year I again found it really difficult to think of a Christmas present for my husband. Thinking of a Christmas present for your boyfriend or husband is like trying to find a tracksuit that fits properly – virtually impossible! The Christmas present my husband Leroy gave to me last year was a large, gold curb bracelet. Of course, I couldn’t be outdone. I already know that my friend Chantal had bought a star as a Christmas present for her boyfriend, so it seemed to me a good idea to follow this example. The pack was neatly delivered to our campsite and the Christmas present for my husband was a huge success! That same evening, Leroy and I looked up the coordinates in the cold, but clear, winter night.

Christmas gift for my girlfriend

My brother bought a slightly time-worn Christmas present for his wife last year. The Christmas present for her was in particularly poor taste, and he was subsequently reminded about it for the rest of the year. Put off by this, I set about looking industriously for a Christmas present for my girlfriend. I entered "Christmas present for girlfriend" on the internet and this website popped up. When I gave the pack to her as a Christmas present, she was very impressed. It came as a total surprise to her. I couldn’t do a thing wrong after that for ages!

A Special Christmas gift

Thank you so much… I absolutely love my unique Christmas gift from my husband on the Christmas Eve. This year Christmas gift was beyond my expectations and the nicest one so far. Imagine having a star named after me! I immediately called all my friends. They all are now insisting with their husbands to have a star named after them too. Great work and Best Regards!

Very original Christmas gift!

This year I had a Christmas present in a luxury pack sent to my home. Surprised, I quickly opened the package and straight away saw a star which is named after me. I have never received such an original Christmas present. I find having a star named especially after you for all eternity a real honour!

Very original!

This year, I definitely wanted to buy an original X-mas gift. At best this seemed difficult. This would be the first Christmas that Kim and I would spend in our new apartment. Since the walls in our freshly painted home are still really plain, it seemed a good idea to me to order a star. On the website, I had read that this Christmas gift consisted partly of a certificate, so this seemed a good option to fill the empty space on the wall. Our first Christmas together was a real success. The star now makes a display on the wall. Now, each time when people drop by, they want to know where I bought this super original Christmas gift. My answer is always the same: Look on OSR.org!

OSR is my tip for a great Christmas gift!

I find thinking about an original Christmas present each year a challenge every time. And this year, my tip for a great Christmas present is OSR. This website normally offers the outcome for finding a present for Christmas. The nicest Christmas present is always one that has a nice idea behind it. At OSR.org, you name the coordinates of a unique star for the person of your choice online. In brief, a star from the Online Star Register easily outshines all other Christmas presents.