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- 31 July 2022

Earlier today, China’s most powerful Long March 5B rocket launched into space from the Wenchang rocket base carrying the large Wentian scientific research module. Only thirteen hours later, the module successfully docked with the central module (Tianhe) of the large Chinese space station Tiangong.

Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

- 31 July 2022

Astronomy is a beautiful science and its elementary determinant implies the use of the brain. Photos and information related to astronomy for some reason seem to delight almost everyone. In recent months and weeks, the whole world has inserted the term James Webb Space Telescope into its collective memory. And if you liked the James Webb Space Telescope, wait till you see Nancy!

Discover the universe with the Fly me to the Stars VR app!

- 2 June 2022

Fly me to the stars app

The OSR Fly me to the Stars VR app lets you explore the universe and learn about the 88 constellations in our night sky. Draw all golden constellations to unlock new planets. Complete the game and receive a reward! View the details about your own special star to learn more about astronomy. The free mobile VR App is available for iOS and Android. Download the app now and fly to the stars!

NEW: The Super Star Gift!

- 2 June 2022

We are very happy to announce our brand-new product: The Super Star Gift! Give a piece of the universe with this amazing present. This new, sparkling and out of this world star gift is now available for all new and existing customers from all over the world. Discover the magic of the Super Star Gift!

Labor Day planet conjunction

- 2 May 2022

Not so long ago, Labor Day was a “must have” event to be celebrated. Today, it is a somewhat faded scrapbook of the efforts of the ordinary, normal, working population and their household to ensure their human needs through their work. But…