Labor Day planet conjunction

- 2 May 2022

Not so long ago, Labor Day was a “must have” event to be celebrated. Today, it is a somewhat faded scrapbook of the efforts of the ordinary, normal, working population and their household to ensure their human needs through their work. But…

SpaceX’s Raptor engine or the Russian RD-180?

- 5 April 2022

The ‘Raptors’ are a family of Mask’s methane engines, planned for the future ‘Starship’ rocket, which should take part in the exploration of the Moon and the colonization of Mars. The RD-180 is a Russian two-chamber kerosene engine. Until recently, the Russians sold over 120 of these powerful engines for $ 23 million each!

James Webb finally flew into space

- 28 December 2021

In the year 1995 we had a chance to watch the movie Golden Eye from the spy series about James Bond. The following year, 1996, the development of another Golden Eye began – the James Webb Telescope. Today, on December 25, 2021, we welcomed its successful launch. Where did it go and what will it do in the coming days?