New video tutorial of the OSR Star Map!

video tutorial of the OSR Star Map

We have created a new tutorial video of the OSR Star Map, in which we make locating your own star even easier! The OSR Star Map allows you to locate stars and constellations. Learn all you need to know about the OSR Star Map in our new video.

Our OSR Star Map

When naming a star, one of the contents that you receive in your OSR Gift Pack is an OSR Star Map. This OSR Star Map is a detailed revolving star chart which shows the location of stars and constellations in the night sky. The OSR Star Map has two sides: one for the Northern Hemisphere and the other side for stargazing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Most importantly is that you can use the OSR Star Map to locate your own star! In this blog we would like to share with you a new video tutorial we have made to make locating your own star even easier!

The new OSR Star Map Video Tutorial

In this blog we would like to share with you a new video we have created: an OSR Star Map video tutorial! We always aim to improve the OSR experience by offering FREE different ways to visualize your star and locate them. Since your star and special star date will shine in the sky for millions of years to come, it’s very important to us to keep improving and innovating the different ways to locate your own star.

While the OSR Star Map has been among us for some time, we would like to help you understand it a bit better! Therefore, in our OSR Star Map Tutorial we walk you through the process of locating your own star in the night sky.

In the video tutorial we start with an example coordinate, which looks the same as the coordinate you receive on your OSR Star Certificate. We break this coordinate up into different pieces because this helps with deciphering what all the different parts of the coordinate mean.

Additionally, we start by locating our own star by searching for the constellation in which the star is located. We then use the ‘Right Ascension’ (RA) and ‘declination’ (dec) pieces of the star coordinate. In the video we mark these parts of the star coordinate in yellow. Ultimately, we believe this video will help you with locating the exact position of your own star!

Try it out!

Our OSR Star Map tutorial video can also be found on YouTube. On our YouTube Channel we often post videos with regards to how to use different items which the OSR Gift Pack contains.

Watch the video tutorial on YouTube!