The Ultimate Science Resource for Kids

09 Nov 2009

From the OSR Blog

For kids who love science, it’s easy for them to get into such topics as fossils, space, chemistry, physics, and the like. How do you get the other kids interested? Try some of fun ways listed below about various science topics. You can play a game to learn about the parts of a body or you can sing a song about the environment. For more ideas refer to the Ultimate Science Resource for Kids.


  • Dinosaur Fun: A great resource with Dinosaur cross word puzzles, word finds and graphing activities.
  • Dinosaur Dig: The San Diego Natural History Museum shows how to learn about fossils and dinosaurs in fun ways.

The Environment





  • Apollo 11: Do you want to walk on the moon? Relive the historic “leap for mankind.”


  • Amazing Animals: Learn more about animals through this fun page on National Geographic Kids.
  • National Zoo: Virtual zoo by the Smithsonian Institute including live animal cams.