Pisces Traits: Explore Fun Activities & Learn about your Best Match and Motto

Pisces traits

Pisces are born between February 19 and March 20. People with the zodiac sign Pisces are very spiritual. They often don’t know this about themselves. Are you curious about what this means for you? And want to learn more about Pisces traits, fun activities, best match and life motto? Read on! 

Character traits

The character traits of a person with the zodiac sign Pisces can be described as empathetic, imaginative and intuitive.

Empathetic ability

You are a sensitive person who has difficulty getting angry, which makes it hard to say ‘no’. It brings you joy to help people without expecting anything in return. Being in tune with your surroundings calms you down.That’s why Pisces are seen as one of the most positive zodiac signs of our Universe.


One of Pisces traits include being imaginative. You like to think about things that are not possible in reality. It gives you a sense of freedom even though your ideas are not always realistic. You always come up with new ideas on the fly. Seemingly out of the blue, you discover fun activities that you have never done before. Nobody knows what to expect!


You are someone who trusts in your feelings, and has done since childhood. The choices you make are strongly influenced by your intuition. This ensures that you never doubt yourself. You sense other people’s feelings very well, which means that you know how to act in many situations. However, you are quick to take on the worries of your friends, so watch out for yourself.

pisces traits

Fun activities

You feel comfortable at the beach, where you can be found regularly. At the coast, you like to practice water sports such as surfing and diving, becoming one with the underwater world. The salty sea air feels like home and by the water is your place to relax.There are more than enough activities for a Pisces to enjoy at the beach! Consider kite flying, having lunch at a beach club or building sand sculptures.

Best match

Pisces are very romantic and emotional when they are in love. You make a love connection with your whole heart. It doesn’t matter if this refers to family, friends or your lover. Making a deep connection with the people around you is very important. In a life partner, you look for someone who understands your sensitive nature. You can be possessive if they spend too much time on someone else. The zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are great matches in a love relationship.


The motto of a Pisces is: “Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.” Which means that you are open-minded and are not pigeonholed easily. You want to be seen as an open-minded person who can be your true self. Inspiring others to be who they are is something you hope to achieve.

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