How to order your Super Star Gift

How to order your Super Star Gift

The Super Star Gift is our brand-new product that adds magic to your life. This dazzling gift box is now available. Need some help by ordering the Super Star Gift? This blog explains the process of registering a star step by step!

Online Star Register launches their brand-new gift: The Super Star Gift. This new star gift allows you to see your star documents at a glance and provides the option to show your star certificate straight away. This dazzling gift includes all digital elements, like the OSR Star Finder app, the OSR Starsaver and the new Fly me to the Stars VR app. In addition, the Super Star Gift contains magical tools to enjoy your very own star even more!

Name your star

Step into a grand adventure and impress your family and friends with the brand-new Super Star Gift! Follow the steps below to name your star via our order form:

  1. First choose a star color and a constellation, then pick a coordinate by pressing refresh.
  2. When choosing your star gift select the Super Star Gift.
  3. Decide to receive your star certificate in a bright white color or in a beautiful night sky blue color.
  4. Name your star and choose a stardate.
  5. Personalize your gift with the occasion and a personal message.
  6. To complete the order fill in the address details, choose the delivery option and select a payment method.
  7. When the payment is received, you will be able to view your star immediately. Your gift box will be packaged and sent with tracking to the specified address. Check your email inbox for shipping details and your tracking number.

How to order the Super Star Gift

What will you receive?

The Super Star Gift brings the universe to you. Unwrap the magic with this special gift box. The gift box contains:

  • The OSR Gift Pack; your star registration details and choice of certificate color
  • Fly me to the Stars VR app; access to all functions of our free to download VR app. Discover the universe and share your star in VR with family and friends.
  • VR glasses; VR glasses in a beautiful design for optimal enjoyment of the Fly me to the stars app.
  • A Starglobe; this beautiful globe holds your named star surrounded by stardust.
  • OSR Telescope; use the mini foldout telescope to find your star in the sky.
  • Sky Poster; this beautiful A3 night sky poster is available in the 3 star colors; orange, purple and blue, and lets you see where your star is located in the universe.

Already a happy starkeeper?

Would you like to upgrade your Online Star Gift or OSR Gift Pack to the Super Star Gift? Or do you need to order an extra copy? You can easily do so by logging into your customer account with your personal email address and password.

A gift that makes memories

The Super Star Gift is a gift that makes memories. Unwrap the magic with this brand-new star gift. Put on your VR glasses and play among the stars with the free Fly me to the Stars VR app. Enjoy your star at any time of the day with the Starglobe and Sky Poster or explore the night sky with the OSR Telescope! The universe is waiting for you.

Order the Super Star Gift!