Learn about the universe with the Fly me to the stars VR app!

Fly me to the Stars

Imagine you were an astronaut exploring the universe, flying from planet to planet. Discover the magic of our galaxy and learn about the planets and stars through a captivating constellation game. The Fly me to the Stars VR app gives you a stunning virtual experience of space in Online Star Register style. In this blog we’ll take you on a journey through the full app experience. Ready to start your space journey?

Online Star Register’s new virtual reality app is a perfect way to learn about our galaxy, its planets and constellations. Play the constellation game to learn what our 88 constellations look like. Unlock planets and complete 20 golden constellations to receive a reward. Our free to download app is fun and educational for all ages!

Explore the galaxy in Virtual Reality

The fun in VR mode starts right away! Once you put on the VR headset you will lift off into space and be able to discover the universe. To start your space exploration, select the “Start VR Journey” icon in the app menu and follow the instructions. Now you are ready to travel to the stars. A tutorial will show you how to navigate the VR experience, fly to your own star and share your sky.

⭐Tip: to use our VR app you need a VR headset. Don’t have one yet? Our Super Star Gift includes a unique VR cardboard in a brilliant design.

In VR mode you will be able to explore the galaxy just by looking in the direction you want to go. Take a closer look at our planets, constellations and the stars. Play the constellation game or visit your personal star and explore its surface. Create your own canvas in the sky by completing constellations and adding memories to your star. Done personalizing your sky? Share it with friends and family!

Play the constellation game to learn about our universe

The 88 constellations in our night sky are formed by a connection of certain stars, each with their unique shape. By playing the constellation game you will learn about the shapes of the constellations and uncover more of their details.

Begin your first mission by flying to the moon and landing on its surface. Here your journey to complete 20 golden constellations begins. These golden constellations consist of the 12 zodiacs and 8 of the most famous constellations, like the big & little dipper. Play the constellation game to learn about the stars that make up the most well known 20 constellations in the universe. By connecting the stars you are able to complete constellations and unlock planets to explore. Like a game of ‘connecting the dots’ you are able to draw a line from one star to the other. You’ll learn to create the correct patterns in the constellation and complete its authentic design.

The objective of the constellation game is to explore our planets and collect lines to finish constellations and continue your mission. Once all the lines on a planet have been collected, go back to the moon to continue in your quest to finish the constellations. After drawing 20 golden constellations in the night sky, you will receive a magical reward. Once you complete all 20 golden constellations, 68 of the galaxys 88 constellations will become available to play. Every constellation you complete will be visible in the 2d menu ‘My Galaxy’. Click on the constellation to view more information. Or use the 2d menu to help you in your adventure to complete the next constellation.

The constellation game will keep you busy for hours, flying through the universe to every planet and constellation, learning where it’s located and what it looks like. You can locate each object in the sky and fly there to proceed with your mission. Keep exploring to finish the game!

Travel to your own personal star

In the Fly me to the Stars VR app you are able to view your own personal star(s) in virtual reality. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to stand on a star, now is your chance to experience it! In VR mode you are able to fly to your own star, explore its surface and surroundings. Once you reach your star, select it to view its information. A stunning visualization of star travel will take you up close and show your stars date, name and constellation. Your unique star will have the color you’ve selected. It’ll be shown in either a bright blue, a brilliant shade of purple or a vibrant orange. Land on your star to access your star registration details and discover all there is to know about your star!

Even now you can further personalize your star. In virtual reality mode you’ll be able to take screenshots of your star from different angles and distances. A unique feature is the ability to add a photo and a message to your star in the “My Stars” menu. When you’re done adding personal memories, you can share these with friends and loved ones. Once you reach any of your saved stars in VR, your photo and message will be displayed as part of our star’s information. Now your personalized star is part of the night sky!

If you don’t have your own star yet, the app will redirect you to name a star or continue with a sample code. You can add your star by entering your OSR registration code. If you have multiple, you can add these one at a time. For each of your stars you can view information in 2D as well as in virtual reality.

Fly me to the Stars VR app

Online Star Registers Fly me to the Stars VR app lets you travel through the universe in a first person perspective. It lets you examine the surface of our planets and your own named stars. Play the constellation game to learn more about the 88 constellations that inhabit our sky, draw constellations and unlock planets by exploring the universe. Complete 20 golden constellations to receive a reward.

The Fly me to the Stars VR app is available for FREE on iOS and Android. All you have to do is download the app, grab your VR headset, and start your journey to fly among the stars.

With the Fly me to the Stars VR app Online Star Register has made real information about the universe available to you. The VR experience makes you feel like you are in space, surrounded by the stars. The app’s interactive way of learning is great for kids. The difficulty level gets increasingly challenging, which makes it a great game for adults as well!

Download the Fly me to the Stars VR app, and start exploring space!

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