Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Valentines day is the most keenly awaited day for not just the couples, but for kids and the whole family. You can make a little effort and fill your home with the symbols of love this year on the valentine’s. Make your valentines day special for your beloved and your close friends with these wonderful decorating ideas on the 14th February. So, try some of these…!

Dazzling Candles

You can light up the evening with dozen of the brightly lit candles. They need not necessarily be heart-shaped or a specific color. Cluster these some on a side table or place it on the centerpiece as per your choice. You can also arrange a candles cape on the mantel. It will really bring out the festive atmosphere for the party or the intimate dinner for two.

Bright Lights

Dim Lights can surely give a mellow feel to the entire ambience of the room. If you are throwing a party for the Valentines Day, you can try illuminating the party area with red, white and pink color. You will find tones of choices when it comes to party lights.

Heart-shaped Balloons

The heart-shaped balloons symbolize the celebration of love on this day of lovers. Try tying them with satin ribbons to make door and drawing hangers at your home. You can hang them over any houseplant that you can find or place them in the hands of the cute and cuddly soft toys as well.

Decorative Photo frames

You can take out the best photos of both of you together and put them in beautiful photo-frames, put it in a centerpiece or any place where it looks most attractive. Decorate it with placing a bunch of red-colored roses besides it on the 14th February.

Reds and Pinks Accessories

On the Valentines day, give your house a total uplift by making use of red or pink colored bed sheets, sofa back covers, table covers, curtains and any other place you can find. You are certain to have something in either of these colors in your closet.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

This year, bring out from the closet, the boxes containing your Christmas tinsels, wrap these over any wreath base, bend coat hanger or a cardboard circle and tape the ends. Glue or tape some stuffed hearts or a small teddy bear for trimmings.

Garden Roses

You can bring in some fresh-cut roses from your garden and place them in any place you fancy like vases, large shells, teacups or simply place the garden roses on the door in heart-shaped paper pockets.

A Valentine Centerpiece

Decorate your center table or centerpiece with the flowery valentines items. You can adorn the center table with a heart-covered tablecloth adding a simple lace to it or try a plain pink or flowered tablecloth. Use your imagination to design your own table. The swaths of lace, pieces of ribbons, conversation heart candies, paper hearts, lace doilies and any other romantic or frilly objects you happen to have can be added to your center table to create a Valentine effect.

Decorative Party Invitations

Use your imagination to design your valentine party invitations. A swath of lace, ribbons, heart candies, paper hearts and any other romantic objects can be added to your invitation card.

A Valentines Day Tree

A great Valentine’s Day decoration idea is to have a small Christmas tree decorated with glitzy ornaments in red color and heart-shaped. Add a touch of pink lights; pink silk flowers heart and other pink Valentine ornaments to complete the effect.

These great Valentines Day decorating ideas will make your valentines day party hip and super. These last minute decorations will make the event more memorable and delightful for all. So, go for it!

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