Fly to the stars with the OSR VR Glasses

VR Glasses

With every Super Star Gift comes our very own VR Glasses for optimal enjoyment of the Fly me to the Stars VR app. All you need to do is set up the cardboard glasses, fix your phone in place, and start your VR journey through space. In this blog, we’ve collected everything you need to know about the VR Glasses.

What are the VR Glasses?

The VR Glasses are a specially designed set of cardboard glasses which comes in the new Super Star Gift. Unlike traditional VR Glasses, the measurements are specially designed so all smartphones fit in these glasses. The VR Glasses have a beautiful design that matches the corresponding Fly me to the Stars app. Use the cardboard glasses for optimal enjoyment of the VR app. Just set up the glasses and fix your phone in place. Then you’re ready to take your journey through space!

Where can I find the VR Glasses?

Every Super Star Gift includes a set of VR Glasses, together with the OSR Gift Pack, Starglobe, OSR Telescope and the Super Star Poster. You’ll find the cardboard glasses neatly tucked away on the right side of your Super Star Gift. The VR Glasses are folded, so first fold them out before you can use the glasses. In the image below you’ll see the Super Star Gift with the VR Glasses highlighted.

VR Glasses

How to fold the cardboard glasses?

Before you can use the VR headset, you need to fold the cardboard for easy placement of your phone. The video below tells you how to fold the VR Glasses.

If you need some extra explanation, you can follow our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Get the cardboard out of the gift box.
  2. Unfold the glasses fully before assembling.
  3. Take both the left and right arms and fold them back, using the pre-printed folding lines.
  4. Stick the velcro together and fixate the arms into the cutout.
  5. Press the side with the lenses inward and secure the part in place.
  6. Grab your phone, start the app and place it into the headset as indicated.
  7. Close the front flap and set your phone firmly in place with the velcro stickers.
  8. Enjoy your tour of the universe!

Fly to the stars!

The VR Glasses are made to play the Fly me to the Stars VR app. The Fly me to the Stars app is the most fun way to visualize your star. You can now experience the cosmos in virtual reality as an astronaut traveling through space. Land on the surface of the moon and explore the galaxy. You can even visit your own star and see its surroundings, just by looking up. Just scan the QR code on the VR Glasses with your smartphone and easily download the app for free in the AppStore or PlayStore. Slide your smartphone into the VR headset and enjoy hours of fun!

The VR Glasses are a specially designed cardboard which comes in the OSR’s Super Star Gift. Use the VR headset to play the Fly me to the Stars VR app. Slide your smartphone into the cardboard and enjoy hours of fun!

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