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Original corporate gift? Why not name a star for your employees or clients! This personalized out of the box gift offers a unique and special experience to leave a lasting impression. Show how much your collaboration means for the company with this magical gift. Look beyond the limits of the earth and capture your staff as stars in the universe!

The star gift can be fully personalized with a star name, star date and one of 88 constellations. Each star is allocated once to a unique registration. Therefore, any client, customer or business relation will always have an original corporate gift. Make the gift extra special with your company logo on the personal message card. We customize every corporate order to stay as close to your desires as possible. Easily order large quantities with our simple form for naming several stars at once. Ordering a unique and original corporate gift will be that much easier.

Why name a star?

Giving a star is an original corporate gift that is different from the average promotional gift. For the company that likes to think outside the box, giving a star is a perfect interpretation of a corporate gift.

  • Inspire employees by adding a bit of magic to the work floor.
  • Create a lasting memory on an anniversary or a successful year.
  • Give deeper meaning to the relationship with your business partner and solidify the connection between the stars.
  • Express appreciation to customers with a radiant gift.
  • A star is also a great gift for Christmas, themed gift packaging is available for many different holidays. Our gift package for Christmas is already a Christmas gift in itself, and with his or her own star the employee receives an exceptionally original gift.

Which gift to choose?

The Online Star Gift

A digital gift in PDF format, delivered directly by email.

corporate-gift-employee gift

The Online Star Gifts advantage is that it is completely digital. Perfect for a last minute gift. This package gives the employee or business relation access to a number of digital components for admiring the star. The OSR Star Finder app, the One Million Stars browser app and Star Page are immediately available after placing the order. With festive digital documents and access to your own Star Page. We provide a special and original promotional gift for every individual occasion. Reward your employees with a gift that is straight from the heart.

The OSR Gift Pack

A physical gift package that comes in luxurious materials and festive packaging.

corporate-gift-promotional-employee giftThe gift package is our most popular gift. This is a luxury package, consisting of sparkling gold documents. The corresponding star certificate can be beautifully showcased in every home. We offer 16 different gift packages for different occasions. A special themed gift package is available for every occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. When ordering the OSR Gift Pack, you will also have instant access to all of the digital parts included in the Online Star Gift.

The OSR Gift Card

Do you wish to have the recipient of the gift name a star for themselves? Then the OSR Gift Card is for you!

giftcard-corporate gift-employee gift

The recipients of the gift card can register and personalize a star for themselves. A perfect gift for a large number of employees. Ideal for when you do not have the time to personalize every gift yourself. The gift card can also be added to any physical gift for some extra sparkle during Christmas.

What possibilities are there for my company?

There is a lot we can do to match the corporate gift or Christmas gift to your company’s wishes. We tailor every business request, so everything is unique to your company and occasion. You are guaranteed to have an original business gift, because the possibilities are endless. For instance:

  • Place a company logo on the personal text card.
  • Order large quantities with our easy form for naming multiple stars.
  • Personalize the star registration for any employee. The date of birth can be used for example, or choose the language of the gift package to match the nationality of the employee. You can also assign the employees zodiac sign for the constellation.
  • Work with us to register your product among the stars.
  • Add the Gift Pack or Gift Card to a pre made Christmas gift for a sparkling Christmas.
  • We ship business orders worldwide using UPS for fast delivery.

Still not quite sure which gift is most suitable for you? See the overview of our 3 star gifts.

How do I place an order?

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    Give a heavenly business gift that captures memories between the stars. Not only is naming a star the most original gift in the universe, it is a gift that lasts longer than a lifetime.

    Give a star as a corporate gift!