Aquarius Traits: Explore Fun Activities, Best Zodiac Match & Motto

27 Jan 2023

Are you born between January 21st and February 18th? Then your zodiac sign is Aquarius! Your motto is: make the world a better place. Want to know what your zodiac sign says about you? Do you want to know everything there is to know about Aquarius? Then read on!

Character traits

Witty, inventive and clever are the character traits that describe Aquarius best.


Someone with the zodiac sign Aquarius is witty. When you’re with your friends, you’re always in for a joke. You get really happy when you see other people laughing and having a good time. If your friends are feeling down or if they have a rough day, they will call you, which is why you’re such a great friend!


An Aquarius is always bursting with new ideas. This is why your friends and family will call you when they need advice if they want to try something new. You love using your creative brain in your job and in your spare time. You love painting and making new things.


Aquarius is curious by nature, you like to learn new things. You’re interested in an array of different topics, for example people, cultures, animals, history but also the world in itself. Because you have so much knowledge about different subjects, people think you’re smart. Which is why they will easily reach out to you if they want to know something.

Fun activities

Someone with Aquarius as a zodiac sign likes being creative. You love making music and painting. You love letting your creativity run free and design new things. If you’re making music, you can unwind and clear your head.

Best match

The zodiac signs Gemini and Leo are the best matches for Aquarius. You are very fond of your freedom. Which is why you’re good at letting the other go their own way, why you can be 100% yourself with each other. You’re also both empathic, which is why you clearly know what the other is thinking and feeling. You can truly understand each other. A match made in heaven!


Aquarius’ motto is: “Make the world a better place”. This means you will gladly help make the earth more beautiful. You don’t understand why others litter and pollute the environment or why they aren’t doing volunteer work. These are things you find important. Being there for your loved ones and being in tune with nature and the animals living in it is what you’re living for.

Aquarius are witty, clever people that are inventive.  You love being creative and are happy when you’re with other people. Your best love matches are Gemini and Leo.

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