The 101 facts to know about black holes

- 30 March 2024

It’s hard to come up with something as strange as black holes. Only nature could do something peculiar. Thousands of books and articles have been written about black holes, but again what we really know about them is that they are objects in space with incredibly strong gravity. So strong that it’s hard to explain.

Dark matter and dark energy – do you know the difference?

- 24 March 2024

Just when scientists think that they have reached the end, that they have listed all the important facts about the world and the entire universe in general, that they have discovered all the formulas that describe everything about nature that comes to mind – they actually find we don’t know almost anything because there is such a vast expanse of ignorance.

The Orion nebula

- 10 March 2024

The Orion Nebula is one of the most interesting objects in the deep sky. It is a regular target of amateur astronomers, an inevitable goal of astrophotographers and the subject of constant observation and study by professional astronomers of various specialties.