The origin of the Moon: Three theories worth knowing

- 14 February 2024

It can be said with certainty that the Moon has been an object of interest and study for people since the earliest days. This is understandable, if we take into account that it is our closest celestial neighbor, and next to the Sun, it is the most dominant object in the sky. But what has accelerated the study of the Moon in modern times originates from completely different reasons. Let’s find out why.

A ticket to the stars by NASA

- 4 February 2024

Life here on planet Earth has seen numerous changes since the last century and dreams that once were fictional can in fact become reality. Your grandparents never had a chance to go anywhere near the Moon, but you now do! How exactly? Read on below, fellow dreamers.

Moon deliveries might be the new future

- 1 February 2024

Things are moving rapidly in a technology and service-based society, so with less time on our hands the demand for outside help rises. Sometimes, you may need to deliver a package to a specific location and person. But what if we needed to move more stuff from our planet to a place far outside the hemisphere?

Where did the planets get their names from?

- 20 January 2024

The story of the names of the planets begins several thousand years ago, when the ancient Chaldean astronomers noticed that some stars, unlike others, move across the sky, which can be observed during several nights of observation.

Classical Greek and Latin sources frequently use the term Chaldeans for Mesopotamian astronomers.