Dates et caractéristiques réelles des signes du Zodiaque

29 Juil 2018

OSR blog post

Constellations sont les constellations dans le ciel et son impact sur la vie personnelle et humaine.

Characteristics of astrological constellations

the Department of constellations astronomers to twelve towers, and combine these towers into groups according to their nature, including what is terrestrial, or antenna, or tearful, or gun, have towers evolved with development of science Astronomy and scientific devices that can know the paths of planets and stars, and the following are the most important qualities of all towers.


Is a shot at the tower planet Mars, with a person who is part of this tower with enthusiasm and energy, he has the audacity to speak and loves the challenge, loves to count on himself in everything, but he is very stubborn and remembers the mistakes of others against him always, a cultured and objective person can sometimes seem extreme especially in matters of religion and politics, internally listens to his voice, confident of himself, but is vulnerable, like children, and a woman is very characteristic of pregnancy in elegance and the ability to cope with difficulties, facial and facial features are neat and clear, she stands straight and pauses, and accepts the owners pregnancy tower with people of the lion towers, The arc, the goblets, the bucket, the Webber Wen in the professions of medicine, business administration and sports.


Is a tower of earth, the planet Venus, the owner of the tower aims to ideal a happy life, it depends on himself and likes to spend time away from groups of people, loves the arts and loves the beauty in nature and in the other, very passionate and loves harmonious family life and enters into partner, but he can be led by the error road, characterized as a practical person and Thi strong will, love peace and stability, one values ​​physical and sensory values, he likes the experience of building his ideas and principles, a trustworthy, but strict and stubborn, causing him problems, he is suitable to work in the field of banking or art and music.


Is an antenna tower, has skillfully instinctive, the planet Mercury, likes to discover people and places, which attracts people everywhere, but he suffers from a split personality, and has the art to communicate with others, he is well-rounded and listens to the people, seeks to achieve his goals and hates restrictions and annoying administrative formalities, capable of different positions of quarter analysis to put him in difficulty make decisions, he likes to help others, very optimistic, one and multi-talented can master many professions, but excels in program delivery, translation and business.


Is a water tower, moon of the planet, the family forms the basis of Cancer’s life, where it is believed that the family is security and happiness, a loving person and loves others and in harmony with them , and continue to be effective with friends and family, and expresses love for them always, esteemed people who respect his creativity, loves balance in his relationship with his partner, loves property but he does not want controlling others, has a philosophical sense, and thinks deeply about life issues, remembers many details, is able to remember what happened in his childhood accurately, has an intuition, and aspires matter and family stability, in line with people From turns of Scorpio, Whale, Capricorn, Taurus, m N professions suitable for its medicine, teaching, nutrition.

Lion Tower

He is a live tower, the sun of the planet, loves driving and access to high ranks, trusting and loves adventure, a reckless and makes mistakes but he does not recognize, sincerely loves and has feelings of the rich, is characterized by his generosity and creativity in many areas, loves the life of luxury and grandeur, but he considers his beliefs and his ideas to be great, a brave and not afraid of risk, very demanding in love and should get a lot of partner, in line with people of the towers of Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, and excels in engineering works, sports and teaching.


Is a tower of earth, the planet Mercury, is a rational and logical person, has the ability to solve problems in an intelligent way, has multiple talents, and sees things from all angles, so respectful of different points of view eyesight, patient, wallet-friendly, and cute, but he suffers from a small number of friends. Most relationships with superficial, modest and enjoy super attractive, love the system and diligence, but hate being the center of public attention, succeed in encouraging people to achieve their goals, in line with people of Scorpio turns, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, usually works in the field of chemistry, veterinary medicine, management and contracts.


Is the antenna tower and the planet Venus, preferably has a partner, House is the foundation of life and marriage in him, but he is reluctant to make decisions, a social and gentle, loves organization and l ‘arrangement, seeks to know everything that happens around him, a very diplomat believes that the best things Oostha, in line with people who understand the need for romance, loves justice and seeks to achieve, takes care of him -self and its appearance and loves the acquisition of precious clothes and perfumes, loves working within a team and feels accomplishment, in line with the people of Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius towers


Is a water tower, and the planet Mars, has a strong intuition, the only tower that works effectively in the field of investigation, establishes a schedule for the works intended to do and succeed thus, he likes to live freely and in his way, people see an autocrat because he doesn’t follow his emotions and hide secrets, a friend in, loves success and taking on challenges and overcoming, deep feelings and must be someone who understands the nature of his feelings and strength, do not like failure by admitting not listening to the advice of others, loves privacy and hates compliments, this means that everything that comes from him words or smiles, in line with the People of Cancer, the Bull, the Whale, and the borrowings of being an environmental engineer or scientist.


Is a live tower, planet Jupiter, likes to seek truth and life freely, philosophical and spiritual love topics, intelligent, but moody, loves adventures, people and captivates powerful person before, he is an honest and consistent man the balanced person who understands their needs and the importance of freedom and independence has, a vital social person and develop their talents constantly open to new ideas, enjoy the goodness of the heart and loves to travel, in accordance with the people of pregnancy towers, Gemini, Leo, works in the fields of travel, commerce, education


Is tower of earth and the planet Saturn, an ambitious and hard-working person, and an entrepreneur, cares about tradition and does not conform to its time methods, does not believe in success through the use of dishonest, is in able to break barriers with others, sincere and sacrifice for the family, and cares for the balance of relationships between family members, loves long-term friendship relationships, Faihrs to pick up good friends , in line with the people of Taurus and Virgin Towers, and excels in the field of computer engineering and management.


Is the antenna tower and planet Saturn, human being, sexy and independent, is balanced in his actions and likes to experience strange things, optimistic and human to the extreme, very passionate and empathize with others and esteem that their feelings, impulsive and fiery, preferably permanent relationships, social, but hates traditions, fickle and broad imagination, diplomatic problem solving and respecting points of view, in agreement with the people of Libra towers , Aries, Gemini, which is often in a politics or writer or scientist or mine.

Zodiac Sign Pisces

Is a water tower, and the planet Jupiter, a spiritual person and loves to help others, his kindness and compassion have Aardhanh to exploit other people, a talented and gentle and be compatible with any person, loves sincerely and interesting, a generous cream, whimsical and meditate a lot, sincere in his feelings and sentiments, and affectionate dreamer, very in tune with the people of Taurus and Cancer and Scorpio towers, and excels in the field of medicine, biology, music and psychology.