Name a star for FREE with your OSR Gift Card!

Congratulations on receiving an OSR Gift Card! With this gift card, you can name your own star! You’ll even get the completely personalized OSR Gift Pack delivered to you for free!

Use the unique code on your OSR Gift Card and register the star online. After that, you can look up your star in the Online Star Register right away. You’ll also get access to your personal Star Page, and you can find your star using the OSR Star Finder app.

Just follow the simple steps below to experience the unique gift of a personalized star!

A Shining Gift Card

Three simple steps!

  1. Click on the ‘get started’ button below.
  2. Fill in your unique code, which you can find on the back of the OSR Gift Card. Scratch away the silver coating and the code will appear. If you received an electronic version of the OSR Gift Card, you’ll find the code in the PDF file.
  3. Personalize your star using the order form and get the OSR Gift Pack delivered to your door.

Get started!

Are you interested in naming stars for your friends and loved ones? Take some time to learn more about everything the Online Star Register has to offer.